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We are still reeling from the Seattle Wedding Show and the Tulalip Bridal Showcase. We met many terrific couples and are booking many meetings now.

If you like…
shorter meetings
feeling relieved that you hired us for your photographer, videographer and photo booth
spending more time talking about your fun wedding details and visions

then reading our faq’s is a good thing to do.

We look forward to meeting with you! And giving big hugs and/or high fives when you book us! 🙂1f642


Q: Are you and your husband both photographers?
A: Yes, we are both experienced photographers. We individually bring years of artistic lighting, posing and design to each shoot. We both teach photography classes.

Q: What do you charge?
A: Hildebrand Photography prices start at $2,999. We can create a custom collection to suit your specific needs. This is done in person or via Skype. There’s a lot that goes into wedding photography. We offer more than most photographers. You will receive a complete list of our products, and can tell us what is important to your day so we can put together the best collection for you.
We have 3 collections to choose from. We keep them very simple and easy to understand. We don’t show you lower prices then confuse you with a bunch of add-ons and then have you end up at a price higher than what you expected. We put it all out there for you to see. I remember being a bride and planning our wedding and know that it is a lot to take in. My goal is to keep things as simple and easy for you so you do not have to worry about anything photography related. You know that you are in good hands and can relax and enjoy your day!
The main difference between our 3 collections is the hours of coverage then we add more photography related items that are unique to Hildebrand Photography as you go up from there.
Quite often we hear clients say, “ Wow, you have a lot to offer, things we have never heard of, this is really great!”

Q: Do you charge for travel?
A: No, we do not charge for travel…even to Hawaii! That means we don’t charge for hotel or airfare if you hire us for Hildebrand Photography. We love to do destination weddings. We have been to many states and some countries photographing weddings.

Q: What is Studio H?
A: We have two photography companies. Studio H is our more basic packages. One of the owners, either Dawn or Brandon, will shoot your wedding unless we are both booked on your day then one of our highly skilled associate (not assistant but Associate) photographers would photograph your wedding. We will do everything else including editing, album design, correspondence, etc. For more information on this please see page number four on what the difference is between Hildebrand Photography and Studio H.

Q: Do I get a DVD?
A: Yes, you will receive a DVD of your wedding photos.

Q: How do you describe your style of wedding photography?
A: We pride ourselves in creating highly artistic photos. When a friend comes to your home and sees your wall print and says, “Wow, where did you get that, is that a painting?!” and then…”Oh my gosh, that’s YOU TWO, that’s beautiful!” That’s the ultimate compliment to us. That’s what we are going for. We create art for you to hand down through the generations. We are passionate about capturing candid moments as they unfold during your day.

Q: What if there’s harsh/direct sun outdoor light or dark indoor light during family photos?
A: We have professional lighting that we bring to weddings for the family photos. You don’t want strange shadows on faces from harsh sunlight. Our lights give you and your family flattering lighting for the highest quality photos.

Q: Do you have back up photographers?
A: Yes, we have highly qualified photographers who shoot weddings with us. They know how we work, how we dress, our photography style and they have similar, professional, friendly personalities like ours.

Q: Do you have insurance?
A: Yes, we have liability insurance.

Q: I heard you have your own magazine. Is that true?
A: Yes, Emerald City Bride. Our first issue is on our blog and can be found in the link below. An abundance of information about us and how we work can be found there. Plus, it’s filled with beautiful photos which is always fun!

Here’s your copy of Seattle’s very own Emerald City Bride Magazine

Q: Can you create prints for us?
A: We love prints, especially big wall portraits! Our albums and prints have a lifetime warranty. We have worked with our vendors for many years now. We have the utmost faith in the quality of their workmanship. We are offering the lifetime warranty to you because we trust their work.

Q: How long do I have to make my album?
A: One year from your wedding date.

Q: How soon can I have my pictures edited and ready for me after the wedding?
A: We shoot about 1,000 photos per photographer then we edit those down to about 800 total depending on how many hours and how many events your wedding has. We make sure they are perfectly ready for you. This all takes about a month.

Q: How long does it take to get my wedding video?
A: Videography is much more involved when it comes to editing. The video takes three months to edit. Yes, you will receive a DVD of your wedding video.

Q: Have you shot at our venue before?
A: There are hundreds of venues in the Seattle area. We shoot weddings world wide. Although we have shot at many venues haven’t been to all of them. A good photographer doesn’t need to have seen a place first. We know the lighting will be different in different times of the day and year so even if we have shot there it will be different on your day. Plus we like to keep it fresh, to have your photos be different than anyone else’s. We can create amazing images in just a 3’ space. It all has to do with the lighting and the photographer.

Q: Are you natural light photographers?
A: We can shoot with just the daylight but we also have all the gear to be able to shoot in low light or to combat harsh sunlight. Most wedding receptions are low light so we are ready for this. We actually teach classes on how to shoot in all light settings so you are in good hands.

Q: What is the 90-day web gallery?
A: This is our gift to you. This gallery allows for easy viewing, sharing and ordering of your wedding images without having to call you. Your personal gallery is online for 90 days. You may want to purchase Event Cards from us. I make enough 4×6 cards for all of your guests which has a photo of you two from your engagement session so it’s a nice memento but then I include the link to your 90-day web gallery so all of your guests know where to go to see the photos. This way they’re not calling you asking what the link is. The event cards are very popular, guests love them!

Q: Do you offer an engagement photo session?
A: Yes, we love engagement sessions! This is our chance for us get to know each other better and for you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. It’s also a way to spend time having fun with your fiancé. We highly recommend an engagement shoot.

Q: What is an engagement session?
A: The two of you dress up and meet us somewhere fun for a 1-2 hour photo session. This is a good time for you to have your hair and make-up trial done before your wedding. These are great photos to use for your save the date cards, guest book and decorations at your reception.

Q: Do you offer guest sign-in books?
A: Yes, our guest book is beautiful! Everyone who sees it raves about how soft the leather cover is and how it has thick pages that lay flat and don’t flop closed like other books. It will have photos from your engagement session as well as pages where guests are encouraged to sign-in and write words of congratulations to you.

Q: What about save the date and thank you cards?
A: We are researching the best company to use for these and will be offering them soon!

Q: Can I give you a list of photos for you to take?
A: We can use a list of names for the family photos to make sure we don’t miss anyone. Make sure not to make this list too long as you and your guests will want to enjoy your day rather than go through a series of posed photos. Other than the posed family photos we would prefer to not have a list. We recommend limiting your list to close family. It is important to get back to the wedding fun as soon as possible. If you like our work, our art, then you will like what we create for you. We create your photos based on the lighting, atmosphere, architecture and nature that we see in the places where you are getting married to tell the story of your day.

Q: Do you have back-up cameras?
A: Yes, we have multiple cameras (all Nikon, go Nikon!), multiple flashes, tripods, batteries, memory cards, lenses, you name it we have many of each.

Q: What if I need extra hours on the day of my wedding?
A: We know every wedding day takes on a life of its own. If your day starts to run over and we are scheduled to leave soon but there are still some events that you would like photographed we will ask you or someone you authorize if you would like us to stay an hour or two longer and bill you later. Our main goal always is to make sure your day is happy, stress-free and fun!

Q: How do we save our date with you?
A: Our deposit is $1,000, this will save your date with Hildebrand Photography. This is first come, first serve. We can-not hold dates until a deposit is made. We prefer check or cash for the deposit. The remaining amount can be paid off monthly with the last payment paid 30 days before your wedding. Our software system will automatically email you each month with a link to your payment that you can easily pay online with a credit card. You can even email payment link(s) in any amount to anyone who wants to contribute to your photography!

Q: Who runs the photo booth?
A: We have an assistant who works the photo booth.

Q: Do you stay for the dinner?
A: We would prefer to stay on-site during the dinner so that we can be close enough to keep track of what is going on in case anything unscheduled happens. We don’t need to eat what your guests eat. We are fine with a vendor meal which some venues offer. We do request that we eat when you eat and will be ready for more photos once you are done eating.

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