Thomas Family Farms Wedding Snohomish

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We met way back when Katelyn was in junior high. We always had mutual friends and would run into each other every so often. There was always someone between us. Flash forward 7 or so years, both single at the same time… we started hanging out and from there it was game over. A year down the road we got pregnant with our first daughter Reagan. I proposed a few months later at a Valentines dance surrounded by our closest friends. A few months later Katelyn got pregnant again with our second daughter Addison. And from there our story and little family started!

Many thanks to the vendors involved in making Katelyn and TJ’s wedding so incredible!
J and J BBQ Company
[email protected]

Tune city dj
Jason Brown
[email protected]

Thomas family farm (crossroads weddings)
Debbie Thomas
9010 marsh rd Snohomish, WA 98296 U.S.


Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club in Oahu Hawaii

November 16, 2021


I’m excited to present the album of Christina and Tony with triple the pages of their original album. I really wanted to show off every part of their day and show other clients what a large album can do to display each photo in it’s best light.
I had a really great time re-living their big day while designing this album. I take great care in making sure albums are not just esthetically pleasing but tell a beautiful story revealing cherished family and friends full of emotion. I fully believe our precious memories captured in images should be printed and protected for generations to come. Images kept on an electronic gadget are too fragile to last throughout the years. Will we even know what a thumb drive or a hard drive is years from now? Preserving memories in our hand-stitched, custom designed albums is the best way I know to honor special moments for years to come.
So, click on the links below to view their albums. Both are incredible albums. It’s fun to see the same story told two different ways.

20 pages

58 pages!/portfolio/wedding-day-stories/lauren-nick-edgewater-hotel-seattle/1

Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club in Oahu Hawaii, Paradise Cove luau,

Paula and Nathan Engagement Session

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Paula and Nathan Engagement Session







A. The story of how Nathan and I met is actually pretty funny and crazy!
I was actually seeing the best man, Shawn, before I met Nathan. We were only seeing each other for a few days until Nate and I met.
There was a underage club (15-20 year old) in Kirkland that I went with my friends almost every weekend. I happened to go on September 2nd, 2012 with my friend to just have a fun night before I had to head to school that following week. I was dancing and having a good time and bumped into this guy who I thought was super cute. Shawn and I weren’t exclusive or official so I wasn’t ‘tied down’.
This guy had the bluest of blue eyes and we were talking about random things and he randomly said “This is my last night in Washington before I head to North Dakota for 3 months.” and I had stopped in my tracks and I was replied, “Well thats funny! My friend Shawn is going to North Dakota tomorrow too! Do you know him?’ and his jaw just dropped and he said, “Oh my god. I am Nathan. I am Shawn’s best friend.” and we both started laughing and kinda freaking out because Nathan had heard so much about me from Shawn but he also informed me that Shawn was torn between me and another girl. When I heard that, I knew I could trust Nathan and I told him, “Let’s just have fun tonight and see where it takes us!” We ended up exchanging numbers and hanging out the next two days and on September 4th, 2012 he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes and he left for North Dakota for 3 months the next day. He told Shawn on the way there and Shawn was actually very happy for us and relieved since he didn’t have to make a choice anymore.

As for the proposal, it was April 30, 2016 and we have my whole family, Nathan’s mom and her boyfriend, and some of our closest friends meet up at a place called Teatro ZinZanni in Seattle. Its a show that provides dinner, usually hilarious. I was told that the occasion was a belated celebration for my sisters birthday which was back in March. We were in the middle of eating our dinner and two of the performers from the show come up to us and ask us to go in the middle of the stage and share our best pick up lines since they did not know of any. Nathan shared his and I thought it was super funny. He said “Are you Google? because you’re everything I’m searching for!” I was laughing so hard and one of the performance guys said, “Cmon! That’s all you got?” and Nathan replied with, “Well, hows this then?” and he got down on one knee and took the ring out and I was shocked and started to tear up! I instantly said yes in the middle of him asking the question… 🙂1f642

Headshots in Seattle and Ireland!

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Yes, we do business headshots in Seattle and Ireland! This one was an on location shoot showing the work atmosphere in the buildings and outdoor area on the Microsoft campus. A photo from this shoot was published in the Irish Times newspaper. Thank you Steven Duggan for hiring us for your photo session resulting in our work being published internationally.

Click on the link below for the full article.

Contemporary Portraits by Hildebrand Photography

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Contemporary Portraits by Hildebrand Photography

We have branched out into Contemporary Portraits and having so much fun doing so!











Book us before The Seattle Wedding Show to save your date

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The biggest time of year for engagements is December, the holidays, full of family gatherings and celebrations full of the best foods and lovely decorations, pretty lights and the season of giving. It's no wonder couples get swept away with all the festivities and declare their love for each other. It's all so romantic and we are thrilled to be a part of it. Well, not the engagement, although we do sometimes get called to photograph the Big Question but the wedding. We love photographing weddings! We love being Seattle wedding photographers. It's all the fun and traditions like Christmas and Hanukkah all wrapped into one but with a white dress instead of a red suit and way more candles than a menorah holds. So, yes, this is the Holiday Season but for us it is also prep time for the big Seattle Wedding Show. We are excited to once again be a part of this grand show! So, come to show show where you can meet all the vendors you will need in one place. Bring address labels, leave your coats in the car, wear comfy shoes and make a day of it. It's wonderful to sample the cakes, see all the creative designs of cakes and dresses and flowers, shake hands with professionals with years of experience who can guide you through one of the best days of your life. Come see our gorgeous wedding albums, hand-stitched and designed by you and me and created with fine craftsmanship in Italy. Start dreaming. Start visualizing all the wonders you can create to share with all your favorite wedding guests. Come say hello to us at the Seattle Wedding show and book us, Hildebrand Photography, for your wedding right then to save your date. You'll be glad you did. You'll be glad to have a professional with 15 years experience signed and booked and ready to capture incredible moments for you and yours.

Two gifts with purchase

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Gifts with purchase


Fill one of our stylish folio boxes with 15 prints or more and receive a choice of one of two free gifts.
Choose between:
A. Our beautiful image wrap box full of 15 4×6 prints or
B. Our popular image wrap accordion books

Choose our 20 print collection and receive both gifts! No need to choose!

Book your photo session with Hildebrand Photography now. Email us for more information at [email protected] or call 206.790.8995

Tennessee wedding-We are destination photographers

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We are asked all of the time if we travel for weddings. Yes, yes we do! If you are having a destination wedding we are your photographers. Have camera…will travel. Well, we actually have 3 cameras, 6 lenses, batteries, battery chargers, 2 light stands, 5 speed lights, camera bags (2 rolling, 1 backpack and one day of shoot bag) and a laptop plus many memory cards, of course! We have traveled so much we have it down to a science. Our light stands fold in half for each packing and our rolling bags are the BEST! We should hire a Sherpa to help us carry gear but we have such big muscles from shooting so many weddings that we don’t need one, ha, ha! Ok, so wherever you decide to get marries, give us a call. We will gladly join you! Contact us for details. [email protected]

About the photos:
This motorbike photo is one of Brandon’s favorite. After the bride and groom (Ann and Cody) said “I do” they kissed then ran down the aisle to Cody’s bike. They hopped on, she threw her bouquet and they drove off with all of their bridal party and us chasing them. (had to get the good photo, right?) The look of complete freedom and joy on their faces and they zipped past the property and all of their guests was priceless. I highly recommend a mini get away ride to all brides and grooms!




This is one of my favorite photos of Brandon shooting the family photos. I can’t remember what was so funny but I love this photo of him cracking up!

As photographers we love dramatic skies! It’s hard to go on a road trip with us because we are constantly stopping to photograph the clouds. There’s no photoshop on this photo. It was just amazing as is.

This day was mega hot! Everyone hid indoors until the ceremony which was held in the backyard. I would go outside to photograph details then come back in to cool down then go back out again. For this Seattle girl is was a bit like swimming. It was like I was holding my breath as long as possible then running back indoors for oxygen. Not easy for a photographer! We tend to get sucked in to the details and forget about the world around us until we get the perfect shot. The heat definitely taught me to be quick that day!

Before the wedding we drove to a nearby farm that was so many acres I can’t even remember but I never saw a fence around it. The horses and cows roamed the property freely! Yes, ours do that here in Washington state but there they really roamed, so much space! These cows were friendly…too friendly for me. They brisk walked right up and past us. I wasn’t sure what to do. I decided to play it cool and just stand still. Luckily, the cows were cool with that.

The day before the wedding we did their engagement session. I told Ann to lean up against a tree but then she pointed out a large walking stick bug just above my head. Talk about good camouflage! I like bugs. Mother nature was showing off her creativity when creating bugs. She beats Pinterest hands down!

We love seeing new places and are inspired by new scenery. We look forward to traveling to your wedding for you!

tennessee wedding2017-01-19_0078(pp_w768_h1154)






Salish Lodge, Seattle Floral Design and Hildebrand Photography

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Salish Lodge, Seattle Floral Design and Hildebrand Photography…these three vendors make for a perfect wedding! If you hire the three of us for your wedding you will forever be blessed with a happy marriage.

Come see us at The Seattle Wedding Show

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Come see us at The Seattle Wedding Show
Washington State Convention and Trade Center
705 Pike Street, 4th Floor
Seattle, WA 98101

Saturday January 14th, 2017
10:00am to 5:30pm (ticket sales open at 9:30am)

Sunday January 15th 2017
10:30 am to 5:00pm (ticket sales open at 10:00am)

Tickets are $17.00 per person and can be purchased at the door. Or pre-purchase here
Children 12 and under admitted free

Album design deadline coming soon!

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Album design deadline coming soon!

If you want your album printed in time for Christmas the design deadline is 11/12, that’s only 9 days from now. Be sure to go in to your Album Exposure link and click the “approve” button so I can order your album for you. If you need your link re-sent please contact me at [email protected]

Thanks all! We cannot wait to see all the printed albums. They’re going to be gorgeous!!


Wedding album

Jonah just for fun photo session

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This is Jonah. He is not yet a high school senior. His mom, Shelly, just really wanted updated photos of him and their new dog, Millie. They are a wonderful family and it was a joy to spend the day with them.

Rebecca High School Senior Session

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Rebecca High School Senior Session
She has the BEST smile! Rebecca rocked her senior photo session! 🙂1f642 Most parents say, “smile more, smile!” Rebecca’s mom was saying, “ok, now smile less.” We captured the perfect variety of emotion that day. It was a perfect shoot! Rebecca, Kadeana and I were a perfect team!

Hawaii wedding photographers

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Hawaii wedding photographers
We are destination wedding photographers…have camera, will travel. This means we will fly to anywhere in world to photograph a wedding. We are very inspired by new scenery and love having new places to photograph!
Here’s how it works. If you live here we can do your engagement session here, travel to your wedding destination, then, once home we can meet with you to design your wedding album.
If you live where your wedding will be we can fly to you to photograph your wedding then design your album over Skype. It’s a great thing! So, no matter where your wedding will be Hildebrand Photography can be there for you on your big day!
Here are some places we have photographed weddings:
Washington, Oregon, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Tennessee, Virginia and Buenos Aires

Newcastle Golf Club Jing and Wenchang Wedding

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Newcastle Golf Club Jing and Wenchang Wedding





















Many thanks to the fabulous vendors involved in making Jing and Wenchang’s wedding so special!
Event Coordinator
L Events Seattle
206-383-5563 (W)
[email protected]
Newcastle Golf Club
425-793-4668 (W)
[email protected]
Seattle Floral Design
(206) 414-8446 (W)
[email protected]
Cake Artist
Whole Foods Seattle
(206) 621-9700 (H)
[email protected]
Annmarie Juhlian
Makeup Artist
Salon Maison
425-979-1620 (W)
[email protected]
425-298-5245 (W)
[email protected]
Newcastle Golf Club
425-793-4668 (W)
[email protected]
SunRidge Media
425-351-0052 (W)
[email protected]

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