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Many thanks to the vendors involved in making Katelyn and TJ’s wedding so incredible!
J and J BBQ Company
[email protected]

Tune city dj
Jason Brown
[email protected]

Thomas family farm (crossroads weddings)
Debbie Thomas
9010 marsh rd Snohomish, WA 98296 U.S.


(Hildebrand Photography) antler cake barn barn wedding bbq wedding belt buckle groomsmen bullet boutineer corn field wedding cowboy boots groom farm j and j bbq company lynnwood jason brown dj mason jars real weddings thomas family farms wedding snohomish tractor wedding tune city dj wedding wedding & event vendors yellow yellow bridesmaid dress https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2021/11/Thomas-Family-Farms-Wedding-Snohomish Tue, 16 Nov 2021 19:28:00 GMT
Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club in Oahu Hawaii https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2021/11/Marriott-Ko-Olina-Beach-Club-in-Oahu-Hawaii 2016-11-18_00012016-11-18_0001(pp_w768_h288)

I’m excited to present the album of Christina and Tony with triple the pages of their original album. I really wanted to show off every part of their day and show other clients what a large album can do to display each photo in it’s best light.
I had a really great time re-living their big day while designing this album. I take great care in making sure albums are not just esthetically pleasing but tell a beautiful story revealing cherished family and friends full of emotion. I fully believe our precious memories captured in images should be printed and protected for generations to come. Images kept on an electronic gadget are too fragile to last throughout the years. Will we even know what a thumb drive or a hard drive is years from now? Preserving memories in our hand-stitched, custom designed albums is the best way I know to honor special moments for years to come.
So, click on the links below to view their albums. Both are incredible albums. It’s fun to see the same story told two different ways.

20 pages http://www.hildebrandphotoblog.com/christina-and-tony-wedding/

58 pages http://hildebrandphoto.com/main.php#!/portfolio/wedding-day-stories/lauren-nick-edgewater-hotel-seattle/1

Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club in Oahu Hawaii, Paradise Cove luau,

(Hildebrand Photography) beach wedding family photo beach hawaii wedding lei luau wedding marriott ko olina beach club in oahu hawaii paradise cove luau paradise cover luau wedding albums https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2021/11/Marriott-Ko-Olina-Beach-Club-in-Oahu-Hawaii Tue, 16 Nov 2021 19:28:00 GMT
Paula and Nathan Engagement Session https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2021/11/Paula-and-Nathan-Engagement-Session Paula and Nathan Engagement Session







A. The story of how Nathan and I met is actually pretty funny and crazy!
I was actually seeing the best man, Shawn, before I met Nathan. We were only seeing each other for a few days until Nate and I met.
There was a underage club (15-20 year old) in Kirkland that I went with my friends almost every weekend. I happened to go on September 2nd, 2012 with my friend to just have a fun night before I had to head to school that following week. I was dancing and having a good time and bumped into this guy who I thought was super cute. Shawn and I weren’t exclusive or official so I wasn’t ‘tied down’.
This guy had the bluest of blue eyes and we were talking about random things and he randomly said “This is my last night in Washington before I head to North Dakota for 3 months.” and I had stopped in my tracks and I was replied, “Well thats funny! My friend Shawn is going to North Dakota tomorrow too! Do you know him?’ and his jaw just dropped and he said, “Oh my god. I am Nathan. I am Shawn’s best friend.” and we both started laughing and kinda freaking out because Nathan had heard so much about me from Shawn but he also informed me that Shawn was torn between me and another girl. When I heard that, I knew I could trust Nathan and I told him, “Let’s just have fun tonight and see where it takes us!” We ended up exchanging numbers and hanging out the next two days and on September 4th, 2012 he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes and he left for North Dakota for 3 months the next day. He told Shawn on the way there and Shawn was actually very happy for us and relieved since he didn’t have to make a choice anymore.

As for the proposal, it was April 30, 2016 and we have my whole family, Nathan’s mom and her boyfriend, and some of our closest friends meet up at a place called Teatro ZinZanni in Seattle. Its a show that provides dinner, usually hilarious. I was told that the occasion was a belated celebration for my sisters birthday which was back in March. We were in the middle of eating our dinner and two of the performers from the show come up to us and ask us to go in the middle of the stage and share our best pick up lines since they did not know of any. Nathan shared his and I thought it was super funny. He said “Are you Google? because you’re everything I’m searching for!” I was laughing so hard and one of the performance guys said, “Cmon! That’s all you got?” and Nathan replied with, “Well, hows this then?” and he got down on one knee and took the ring out and I was shocked and started to tear up! I instantly said yes in the middle of him asking the question… 🙂1f642

(Hildebrand Photography) engagement session/how they met hildebrand photography paula and nathan engagement session photographers photography seattle seattle wedding seattle wedding photographer seattle wedding photographers seattle wedding photography wedding wedding photography https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2021/11/Paula-and-Nathan-Engagement-Session Tue, 09 Nov 2021 15:15:00 GMT
Headshots in Seattle and Ireland! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2021/11/Headshots-in-Seattle-and-Ireland Yes, we do business headshots in Seattle and Ireland! This one was an on location shoot showing the work atmosphere in the buildings and outdoor area on the Microsoft campus. A photo from this shoot was published in the Irish Times newspaper. Thank you Steven Duggan for hiring us for your photo session resulting in our work being published internationally.

Click on the link below for the full article.

(Hildebrand Photography) headshots headshots in seattle and ireland! hildebrand photography photography redmond headshots seattle seattle wedding photography https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2021/11/Headshots-in-Seattle-and-Ireland Tue, 09 Nov 2021 15:15:00 GMT
Contemporary Portraits by Hildebrand Photography https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2021/11/Contemporary-Portraits-by-Hildebrand-Photography Contemporary Portraits by Hildebrand Photography

We have branched out into Contemporary Portraits and having so much fun doing so!











(Hildebrand Photography) boudoir contemporarty portraits by hildebrand photography contemporarty portraiture by hildebrand photography contemporary portraits contemporary portraits by hildebrand photography hildebrand photography photography seattle seattle wedding wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2021/11/Contemporary-Portraits-by-Hildebrand-Photography Sat, 06 Nov 2021 14:15:00 GMT
Book us before The Seattle Wedding Show to save your date https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2021/11/book-us-before-the-seattle-wedding-show-to-save-your-date The biggest time of year for engagements is December, the holidays, full of family gatherings and celebrations full of the best foods and lovely decorations, pretty lights and the season of giving. It's no wonder couples get swept away with all the festivities and declare their love for each other. It's all so romantic and we are thrilled to be a part of it. Well, not the engagement, although we do sometimes get called to photograph the Big Question but the wedding. We love photographing weddings! We love being Seattle wedding photographers. It's all the fun and traditions like Christmas and Hanukkah all wrapped into one but with a white dress instead of a red suit and way more candles than a menorah holds. So, yes, this is the Holiday Season but for us it is also prep time for the big Seattle Wedding Show. We are excited to once again be a part of this grand show! So, come to show show where you can meet all the vendors you will need in one place. Bring address labels, leave your coats in the car, wear comfy shoes and make a day of it. It's wonderful to sample the cakes, see all the creative designs of cakes and dresses and flowers, shake hands with professionals with years of experience who can guide you through one of the best days of your life. Come see our gorgeous wedding albums, hand-stitched and designed by you and me and created with fine craftsmanship in Italy. Start dreaming. Start visualizing all the wonders you can create to share with all your favorite wedding guests. Come say hello to us at the Seattle Wedding show and book us, Hildebrand Photography, for your wedding right then to save your date. You'll be glad you did. You'll be glad to have a professional with 15 years experience signed and booked and ready to capture incredible moments for you and yours. 



(Hildebrand Photography) engaged engagement hildebrand photography i-do seattle wedding seattle wedding show wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2021/11/book-us-before-the-seattle-wedding-show-to-save-your-date Tue, 02 Nov 2021 14:15:00 GMT
Two gifts with purchase https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2021/11/Two-gifts-with-purchase Gifts with purchase


Fill one of our stylish folio boxes with 15 prints or more and receive a choice of one of two free gifts.
Choose between:
A. Our beautiful image wrap box full of 15 4×6 prints or
B. Our popular image wrap accordion books

Choose our 20 print collection and receive both gifts! No need to choose!

Book your photo session with Hildebrand Photography now. Email us for more information at [email protected] or call 206.790.8995

(Hildebrand Photography) accordion book folio box gifts with purchase image wrap box keep sake items products https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2021/11/Two-gifts-with-purchase Mon, 01 Nov 2021 18:28:00 GMT
Tennessee wedding-We are destination photographers https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2017/1/Tennessee-wedding-We-are-destination-photographers We are asked all of the time if we travel for weddings. Yes, yes we do! If you are having a destination wedding we are your photographers. Have camera…will travel. Well, we actually have 3 cameras, 6 lenses, batteries, battery chargers, 2 light stands, 5 speed lights, camera bags (2 rolling, 1 backpack and one day of shoot bag) and a laptop plus many memory cards, of course! We have traveled so much we have it down to a science. Our light stands fold in half for each packing and our rolling bags are the BEST! We should hire a Sherpa to help us carry gear but we have such big muscles from shooting so many weddings that we don’t need one, ha, ha! Ok, so wherever you decide to get marries, give us a call. We will gladly join you! Contact us for details. [email protected]

About the photos:
This motorbike photo is one of Brandon’s favorite. After the bride and groom (Ann and Cody) said “I do” they kissed then ran down the aisle to Cody’s bike. They hopped on, she threw her bouquet and they drove off with all of their bridal party and us chasing them. (had to get the good photo, right?) The look of complete freedom and joy on their faces and they zipped past the property and all of their guests was priceless. I highly recommend a mini get away ride to all brides and grooms!




This is one of my favorite photos of Brandon shooting the family photos. I can’t remember what was so funny but I love this photo of him cracking up!

As photographers we love dramatic skies! It’s hard to go on a road trip with us because we are constantly stopping to photograph the clouds. There’s no photoshop on this photo. It was just amazing as is.

This day was mega hot! Everyone hid indoors until the ceremony which was held in the backyard. I would go outside to photograph details then come back in to cool down then go back out again. For this Seattle girl is was a bit like swimming. It was like I was holding my breath as long as possible then running back indoors for oxygen. Not easy for a photographer! We tend to get sucked in to the details and forget about the world around us until we get the perfect shot. The heat definitely taught me to be quick that day!

Before the wedding we drove to a nearby farm that was so many acres I can’t even remember but I never saw a fence around it. The horses and cows roamed the property freely! Yes, ours do that here in Washington state but there they really roamed, so much space! These cows were friendly…too friendly for me. They brisk walked right up and past us. I wasn’t sure what to do. I decided to play it cool and just stand still. Luckily, the cows were cool with that.

The day before the wedding we did their engagement session. I told Ann to lean up against a tree but then she pointed out a large walking stick bug just above my head. Talk about good camouflage! I like bugs. Mother nature was showing off her creativity when creating bugs. She beats Pinterest hands down!

We love seeing new places and are inspired by new scenery. We look forward to traveling to your wedding for you!

tennessee wedding2017-01-19_0078(pp_w768_h1154)






(Hildebrand Photography) barn wedding bike wedding hildebrand photography destination wedding photography motorbike bride and groom motorbike wedding tennessee wedding wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2017/1/Tennessee-wedding-We-are-destination-photographers Sat, 21 Jan 2017 08:41:42 GMT
Salish Lodge, Seattle Floral Design and Hildebrand Photography https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2017/1/Salish-Lodge-Seattle-Floral-Design-and-Hildebrand-Photography Salish Lodge, Seattle Floral Design and Hildebrand Photography…these three vendors make for a perfect wedding! If you hire the three of us for your wedding you will forever be blessed with a happy marriage.

(Hildebrand Photography) salish lodge snoqualmie falls wedding wedding & event vendors yellow lily bouquet yellow lily wedding yellow wedding flowers https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2017/1/Salish-Lodge-Seattle-Floral-Design-and-Hildebrand-Photography Tue, 17 Jan 2017 22:36:40 GMT
Come see us at The Seattle Wedding Show https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2017/1/Come-see-us-at-The-Seattle-Wedding-Show Come see us at The Seattle Wedding Show
Washington State Convention and Trade Center
705 Pike Street, 4th Floor
Seattle, WA 98101

Saturday January 14th, 2017
10:00am to 5:30pm (ticket sales open at 9:30am)

Sunday January 15th 2017
10:30 am to 5:00pm (ticket sales open at 10:00am)

Tickets are $17.00 per person and can be purchased at the door. Or pre-purchase here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/seattle-wedding-show-2017-tickets-26905283427?ref=ecount
Children 12 and under admitted free

(Hildebrand Photography) come see us at the seattle wedding show seattle convention center seattle wedding show https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2017/1/Come-see-us-at-The-Seattle-Wedding-Show Thu, 12 Jan 2017 13:45:46 GMT
Album design deadline coming soon! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/11/Album-design-deadline-coming-soon Album design deadline coming soon!

If you want your album printed in time for Christmas the design deadline is 11/12, that’s only 9 days from now. Be sure to go in to your Album Exposure link and click the “approve” button so I can order your album for you. If you need your link re-sent please contact me at [email protected]

Thanks all! We cannot wait to see all the printed albums. They’re going to be gorgeous!!


Wedding album

(Hildebrand Photography) products wedding album wedding albums https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/11/Album-design-deadline-coming-soon Thu, 03 Nov 2016 16:50:25 GMT
Jonah just for fun photo session https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/11/Jonah-just-for-fun-photo-session This is Jonah. He is not yet a high school senior. His mom, Shelly, just really wanted updated photos of him and their new dog, Millie. They are a wonderful family and it was a joy to spend the day with them.

(Hildebrand Photography) high school seniors https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/11/Jonah-just-for-fun-photo-session Wed, 02 Nov 2016 18:27:57 GMT
Rebecca High School Senior Session https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/10/Rebecca-High-School-Senior-Session Rebecca High School Senior Session
She has the BEST smile! Rebecca rocked her senior photo session! 🙂1f642 Most parents say, “smile more, smile!” Rebecca’s mom was saying, “ok, now smile less.” We captured the perfect variety of emotion that day. It was a perfect shoot! Rebecca, Kadeana and I were a perfect team!

(Hildebrand Photography) high school senior photos high school seniors rebecca high school senior session https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/10/Rebecca-High-School-Senior-Session Sun, 30 Oct 2016 16:29:36 GMT
Hawaii wedding photographers https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/10/Hawaii-wedding-photographers Hawaii wedding photographers
We are destination wedding photographers…have camera, will travel. This means we will fly to anywhere in world to photograph a wedding. We are very inspired by new scenery and love having new places to photograph!
Here’s how it works. If you live here we can do your engagement session here, travel to your wedding destination, then, once home we can meet with you to design your wedding album.
If you live where your wedding will be we can fly to you to photograph your wedding then design your album over Skype. It’s a great thing! So, no matter where your wedding will be Hildebrand Photography can be there for you on your big day!
Here are some places we have photographed weddings:
Washington, Oregon, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Tennessee, Virginia and Buenos Aires

(Hildebrand Photography) wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/10/Hawaii-wedding-photographers Thu, 27 Oct 2016 21:15:05 GMT
Newcastle Golf Club Jing and Wenchang Wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/10/Newcastle-Golf-Club-Jing-and-Wenchang-Wedding Newcastle Golf Club Jing and Wenchang Wedding





















Many thanks to the fabulous vendors involved in making Jing and Wenchang’s wedding so special!
Event Coordinator
L Events Seattle
206-383-5563 (W)
[email protected]
Newcastle Golf Club
425-793-4668 (W)
[email protected]
Seattle Floral Design
(206) 414-8446 (W)
[email protected]
Cake Artist
Whole Foods Seattle
(206) 621-9700 (H)
[email protected]
Annmarie Juhlian
Makeup Artist
Salon Maison
425-979-1620 (W)
[email protected]
425-298-5245 (W)
[email protected]
Newcastle Golf Club
425-793-4668 (W)
[email protected]
SunRidge Media
425-351-0052 (W)
[email protected]

(Hildebrand Photography) annemarie juhlian crown hildebrand photography jessica gallo harpist l events seattle newcastle country club newcastle golf club pink roses red and pink wedding salon maison seattle floral and design seattle wedding sunridge media tiara veil wedding whole foods https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/10/Newcastle-Golf-Club-Jing-and-Wenchang-Wedding Wed, 19 Oct 2016 16:05:09 GMT
Frances Gaul Photography https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/10/Frances-Gaul-Photography Behind the scenes of a test shoot:
This is Frances Gaul of Frances Gaul Photography Based out of Mercer Island, serving the Seattle area, specializing in Mitzvahs, High School Seniors and Families. Hildebrand Photography and Frances Gaul Photography work together quite often. We are a great match. She’s creative, talented, professional, upbeat and dedicated. We have worked countless events together that we now work together like clockwork swapping leadership roles, creative ideas and camera gear with ease. These photos are perfect examples of how far Frances will go to get the shot. This shoot was something we put together just to test out new gear and new lighting ideas. It’s always a challenge for photographers to shoot in high, direct sunlight but with out off-camera lighting and perfect placement of subjects we rocked it.
Frances Gaul

(Hildebrand Photography) a day in the life of a photographer for photographers frances gaul photography hildebrand photography mercer island seattle https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/10/Frances-Gaul-Photography Fri, 07 Oct 2016 15:45:53 GMT
Family Photo Redmond Wardrobe Tips https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/10/Family-Photo-Redmond-Wardrobe-Tips d81_7155





d81_7111Here’s a recent family photo session we did for the Martinez family. This is a perfect example of what to wear. They (Kim) chose grey and crimson (go WSU!) then dark jeans. These colors are easy to find in stores especially this time of year, they look good with the fall colored background and her family is comfortable wearing them. Color keying is a term used in photography. It means matching the color of your background to the client’s outfit. This is done so that your eye is drawn to the subjects face and not distracted by their clothing colors. It’s something to consider when choosing outfits for your family to wear for family photos. Try to avoid white clothes as white is the first thing your eye is drawn to in any photo as it is the brightest “color” (didn’t we learn in art class that white isn’t a color? I’m not sure what it’s called so I’ll put it in quotes). Grey is a nice alternative to white. It’s neutral and subdued. Any color with grey and denim or khaki is a good choice.
Avoid patterned clothing. One outfit change is an option but not necessary. You could layer then take sweaters off to show shirts underneath for a different look without having to go find some place to change clothes.
If you bring a pet please bring someone to hand them off to for the non-pet photos.
We look forward to capturing amazing images of your family! We have a few dates still available but not many. Email me at [email protected] or call 206.790.8995 (email is best) to book a session now!

Family Photo Redmond

(Hildebrand Photography) family photo redmond wardrobe tips family photos https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/10/Family-Photo-Redmond-Wardrobe-Tips Thu, 06 Oct 2016 11:09:43 GMT
Hildebrand Photography Family, Children, Seniors, Headshots, Contemporary Portraits https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/9/Hildebrand-Photography-Family-Children-Seniors-Headshots-Contemporary-Portraits Hildebrand Photography Family, Children, Seniors, Headshots, Contemporary Portraits
Hildebrand Photography

Hildebrand Photography

(Hildebrand Photography) children contemporary portraits seattle redmond family photos glamour photography headshots high school seniors hildebrand photography family https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/9/Hildebrand-Photography-Family-Children-Seniors-Headshots-Contemporary-Portraits Fri, 23 Sep 2016 14:32:38 GMT
Edgewater Hotel Seattle + Bastille Café and Bar Ballard https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/9/Edgewater-Hotel-Seattle-Bastille-Caf-and-Bar-Ballard Edgewater Hotel Seattle + Bastille Café and Bar Ballard
Kristina and Jacob’s wedding
















Edgewater Hotel Seattle
Bastille Café and Bar Ballard

(Hildebrand Photography) bastille café and bar ballard edgewater hotel seattle french restaurant grey suit groom purple bridesmaid dress red bridesmaid dress red poppy bouquet seattle wedding updo vintage mg car waterfront wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/9/Edgewater-Hotel-Seattle-Bastille-Caf-and-Bar-Ballard Thu, 22 Sep 2016 14:01:08 GMT
Abri and Don’s wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/9/Abri-and-Don-s-wedding Here’s a quick view of some of my favorite photos from Abri and Don’s wedding at their church, Pacific Christian Center Church. I’ll post a full blog later but couldn’t wait to show at least a few photos from their big day. Frances and I had so much fun that day/night. Abri and Don’s family and friends are the nicest, most supportive and fun people to be around which makes complete sense because that’s how they are too. They’re a luck couple. Congratulations you two!






(Hildebrand Photography) pacific christian center church wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/9/Abri-and-Don-s-wedding Fri, 16 Sep 2016 12:41:43 GMT
Moran State Park Lookout Tower https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/7/Moran-State-Park-Lookout-Tower Moran State Park Lookout Tower
I’m creating Adri and Nick’s wedding album and just now created this spread that I just had to post to our blog…love!
Orcas Islandadri_nick_album_spread(pp_w768_h282)

(Hildebrand Photography) wedding albums https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/7/Moran-State-Park-Lookout-Tower Mon, 18 Jul 2016 15:31:50 GMT
Moran State Park wedding party https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/7/Moran-State-Park-wedding-party Moran State Park Orcas Island
This view was voted #1 in the world by National Geographic magazine. I can see why.

Moran State Park wedding party

purple bridesmaid dresses, red dress

San Juan Islands Wedding


















(Hildebrand Photography) bridal party groomsmen moran state park orcas island orcas island wedding purple bridesmaid dress purple bridesmaid jumper red bridesmaid dress san juan islands tuxedo wedding wedding party https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/7/Moran-State-Park-wedding-party Fri, 15 Jul 2016 16:56:42 GMT
Wedding guest sign-in book https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/7/Wedding-guest-sign-in-book Here is our version of a wedding guest sign-in book. Everyone who sees these books rave about how great they are. They’re a keepsake item full of your engagement photos as well as your guests well wishes to you on your wedding day. The first page you see here is the cover page. All of our albums are custom made, hand-stitched in Italy with thick lay flat pages. Nothing compares to the quality of these professional albums.
wedding guest book

(Hildebrand Photography) album cover asian couple book cover engagement photos seattle products red dress wedding guest sign-in book https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/7/Wedding-guest-sign-in-book Mon, 11 Jul 2016 14:49:56 GMT
Seattle Floral and Design https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/6/Seattle-Floral-and-Design These two weddings are an homage to Seattle Floral and Design.
Lana, the owner, is incredible! She has designed many, many weddings we have photographed. If I posted all of them in this blog I’m sure my blog would explode! We absolutely LOVE working with her!! We would recommend and do recommend everyone to her. Her and her staff are truly creative artists. Their floral arrangements evoke emotion in everyone who sees them.
The yellow flowers at the Salish Lodge wedding were perfect for the grey, stormy day. Everyone who sees that yellow bouquet says it looks like one giant flower! They even had red rose petals on their bed!
At the Four Seasons Seattle Hotel the white bouquet smelled amazing! And look at the completely unique bouquets for the flower girl and ring bearer! Aren’t those cool! And the blue flower wreath for the little girl in the wagon makes me melt it’s so pretty on her cute little head!
Seattle Floral and Design has a high attention to detail, is timely with tight schedules is professional and hard working.
You should hire Seattle Floral and Design for your next event.

















2016-06-30_0018white bouquet2016-06-30_0020(pp_w768_h574)

(Hildebrand Photography) blue flower wreath four seasons hotel wedding orchids reception table decor salish lodge seattle floral seattle floral and design seattle florist wedding wedding & event vendors white bouquet yellow bouquet yellow lily wedding yellow wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/6/Seattle-Floral-and-Design Thu, 30 Jun 2016 18:28:18 GMT
Gilded wedding frame collection of the beautiful Adri & Nick https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/6/Gilded-wedding-frame-collection-of-the-beautiful-Adri-Nick Gilded wedding frame of the beautiful Adri and Nick. I absolutely love this 3-up framed collection!
framed print

(Hildebrand Photography) gilded wedding frame collection of the beautiful adri & nick gilded wedding frame of the beautiful adri. products wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/6/Gilded-wedding-frame-collection-of-the-beautiful-Adri-Nick Thu, 30 Jun 2016 15:49:47 GMT
Model in woods, orange kitty in track suit https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/6/Model-in-woods-orange-kitty-in-track-suit Model in woods, orange kitty in track suit
Here’s our first photo shoot of lady in tulle in the woods. My vision was to have her serenely holding an orange cat (to match the orange flowers). I put out an all call for anyone with an orange cat who could model for us. This lovely lady volunteered her cat saying he has a calm demeanor and could handle it. One the day of the shoot we had her arrive late so we had time to get the lights set up and model all set with minimal stress to the cat. Once we were ready the owner took brought her cat to the site in a kitty crate, pulled him gently out of it. We took a photo of him in her arms. I asked if she had a leash then BAM! the cat jumped out of her arms and took off like a shot! I didn’t see it but I’m sure he quickly ran to a phone booth and changed into his Superman cape or at least a track suit because he was fast!
We spent the next hour looking for him. Finally, a park maintenance guy saw him. He was captured and taken back home safe and sound. No modeling for that guy! We were all completely relieved that he is ok. Stephanie, our model, had blood running down her arms from him scratching her. We had her pose with her arm hidden to not show the bright red blood against the white tulle background. It was quite an adventure! Behind the scenes sometimes make for crazy stories. Thank goodness this one ended happily.


(Hildebrand Photography) a day in the life of a photographer glamour by dawn glamour photography model in woods orange kitty in track suit seattle glamour tulle dress white tulle https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/6/Model-in-woods-orange-kitty-in-track-suit Fri, 24 Jun 2016 19:35:03 GMT
Acrylic Block Prints https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/6/Acrylic-Block-Prints We are excited to announce that we are now offering Acrylic Block Prints! These are a unique, gorgeous way to showcase your favorite photos! They’re thick. They can stand upright on their own. No installation required. No wall mounting needed. No glass needed. They’re glossy and impressive. Now here’s the challenge for you…which photos would you choose to print in Acrylic Blocks? Contact us to order yours today! It doesn’t have to be a photo we took but we would be honored if it were. These are going to sell like hotcakes! I can’t wait to show these off to people in our studio during our Red-carpet premiers! They can be ordered with metallic paper to give off that subtle shimmery look which everyone loves! We also offer photographic paper. Be the first of your friends to have an Acrylic Block Print.




(Hildebrand Photography) acrylic block prints keep sake items products https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/6/Acrylic-Block-Prints Tue, 21 Jun 2016 13:23:17 GMT
Into the woods glamour photography https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/6/Into-the-woods-glamour-photography Into the woods glamour photography


(Hildebrand Photography) glamour photography into the woods glamour photography https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/6/Into-the-woods-glamour-photography Mon, 20 Jun 2016 14:39:19 GMT
Sharon and Dylan Sole Repair Wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/6/Sharon-and-Dylan-Sole-Repair-Wedding Sharon and Dylan’s wedding was perfect. It was fun and relaxed full of family and friends all wishing the newly weds the best in life and celebrating to the fullest! It was an honor to be a part of their special day and capture memories for them to document the love they clearly have for each other. May this be the beginning of many happy memories to last a lifetime!

Seattle Wedding




Special thanks to Sole Repair
[email protected]

(Hildebrand Photography) blue wedding capitol hill seattle wedding hydrangea wedding sole repair sole repair wedding wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/6/Sharon-and-Dylan-Sole-Repair-Wedding Sun, 05 Jun 2016 14:52:10 GMT
Magnuson Park Wedding Seattle https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/5/Magnuson-Park-Wedding-Seattle Jennifer and Jonathan Wedding at Hangar 30 Magnuson Park Seattle

Jennifer and Jonathan met Kate and I at Talaris Conference Center for their first look. This was the perfect time right after the bride and groom getting ready to be able to take a moment together to stroll hand in hand, take a breath of fresh air and laugh together before the busy part of their big day began. The serenity of the water and shade of the weeping willows were the perfect setting.
From here we drove to Magnuson Park Hangar 30 for cocktail hour in the Officers Club upstairs. There was live guitar music, gourmet appetizers, lots of family and friends, hugging, dancing and laughing.
After cocktail hour Jennifer and Jonathan led everyone in a procession from the Officers Club, past Hangar 30, down a winding pathway through the gardens which opened up to a vast green amphitheater! All the guests were seated here while the bride and groom took a moment for photos in the flower gardens above and congregated with their dear friend and officiant.
The mood was jovial. Both the bride and groom waved to everyone as they walked down the aisle and hollered silly comments to guests yelling “woo!” from their seats. The big first kiss then another procession to the Hangar for the reception. Guests stood in line to sign the guest album, grab their seating chart tag and treat themselves to a cotton candy flavored Oreo…yes, theses little morsels served in glass jars with antiqued silver lids were delicious!
Cocktail hour again but this time with a whole band playing, a bar and a photo booth. Little kids played ball with their dads, the pre-teens made their silliest faces possible and arranged their wacky poses for our cameras while the adults clinked their glasses in “cheers!”
Dinner was served family style (which I love). The caterers were fabulous. Their attention to detail did not go unnoticed by Kate and I who have been to many weddings. We were impressed. As you can see we were kept very busy and entertained taking photos of all the guests, and the multitude of details that made Hangar 30 elegant, festive and unique.
Please enjoy the rest of the photos that are full of the toast, cake cutting, dancing and fun/silly family photos.





































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Big thanks to the vendors involved:
Hangar 30 Magnuson Park Seattle

Revel Rouser Events Event Planning/Event Services Sasha Summer Cousineau

Talaris Conference Center in the U District

Thank you to Kate Gansneder of G Squared Photography for shooting with me.

(Hildebrand Photography) dahlia bouquet garden wedding magnuson park wedding seattle no frosting cake revel rouser events event planning/event services seattle wedding talaris conference center u district university district seattle wedding wedding music band https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/5/Magnuson-Park-Wedding-Seattle Tue, 31 May 2016 13:09:27 GMT
Nicole and Gary’s family photo album 2015 https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/5/Nicole-and-Gary-s-family-photo-album-2015 Nicole and Gary’s family photo album 2015












(Hildebrand Photography) family album family photos https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/5/Nicole-and-Gary-s-family-photo-album-2015 Tue, 17 May 2016 10:55:33 GMT
The beautiful Kerstin O’Shields Glamour Photos https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/4/The-beautiful-Kerstin-O-Shields-Glamour-Photos Here is my friend, Kerstin O’Shields. I am so proud of her. She is hard working, vivacious, fun-loving and truly devoted to her sweet daughters. She will blush when she reads this post but her photos are too beautiful not to share. I’m sure when/if she reposts this link she will do so to promote my business and not flaunt her own photos because she’s so giving like that. I can also see her posting these in order to encourage other ladies to have professional glamour portraits taken of themselves to honor who they are now and document this time in history for those who love them.


(Hildebrand Photography) glamour by dawn glamour photography glamour photos portraits professional glamour portraits https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/4/The-beautiful-Kerstin-O-Shields-Glamour-Photos Tue, 26 Apr 2016 21:03:53 GMT
Blue ribbon cooking school wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/3/Blue-ribbon-cooking-school-wedding 2016-03-10_0001

Alicia and Kevin got married at Blue Ribbon Cooking School in Seattle. We took a trip to Freeway Park for some really fun bridal party shots.

(Hildebrand Photography) blue ribbon cooking school blue ribbon cooking school wedding freeway park seattle wedding wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/3/Blue-ribbon-cooking-school-wedding Thu, 10 Mar 2016 14:09:03 GMT
Why boredom was my goal https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/3/Why-boredom-was-my-goal creativityWhy boredom was my goal
Last year, 2015, was our biggest year yet. What I mean by biggest is, our highest grossing and our most shoots. It was a calm first part of the year full of boating on Lake Sammamish with our kids and enjoying the most incredible weather Seattle has ever had to offer and then August hit and September was the same and there was no slowing down for October through January which is always full of big, involved, expensive and emotionally draining wedding expos then February with the Valentines Day deadlines. It’s a good thing we are parents with 12+ years experience because all of the back-to-school paper work and clothes and school supplies and signing up for clubs and sports and dance lessons and deposits and uniforms and orientations can overwhelms the less experienced parents but we charged through all of that with a gusto. We were still fired up and running strong with out business keeping us energized and on full alert.
The longer we are in business the more referrals we get completely out of the blue and for not just weddings but everything under the sun. It’s fun. We do refer some shoots on but the headshots, family shoots, corporate events, Halloween and New Years parties we keep. I have the best time as the photographer in a photo booth setting getting creative with clients who want to look good in front of my backdrop and with out great lights. People are high fiving me and getting excited about their photos. I get a natural high and know that I’m the luckiest party “guest” because I have a purpose and get to run around the whole party getting candid shots and having an excuse to meet everyone there. My camera is my pass to everywhere. I never know who I’m going to meet with it or what shoot I’ll be running off to next.
Ok, so moving on now to 2016 we have different goals than last year. It’s fun to look back at our business and see what our goals have been throughout the years. I often reflect on these so I can remember them when I teach classes to other photographers. I want to be careful to give the correct advice which is appropriate for the experience level of the photographer asking my advice. For example, I can’t tell a brand new person to do anything they’re not ready for. We all have to go through the steps to get to where we want to be. I can’t say:
Yes, go ahead and charge $5,000 for a wedding, it can be done. Or yes, offer a wide variety of products (which are hard to order, price and deliver), or use off-camera lighting or anything else that overwhelms and takes them out of their comfort zone. Our business is a crazy mix of art and business it’s a bit like mixing business with pleasure. It’s a balancing act of being sensitive and creative and being tough and book smart.
Ok, where was I? So, our year ended in 2015 and started in a whirl wind. Now for 2016 it’s all about the quality of experience and the art. We have taken time off lately and boy does it feel good. For a time I didn’t want to do an-y-thing. I binged on Downton Abbey and Outlander. People would try to encourage me to join fun event that were free and nearby and that was just too much to consider. I’ve been slowly rejuvenating by sleeping, cleaning, walking my dog. Just last week I was walking my dog. We found a new dog park that was empty with not a person in sight. In fact, I searched the horizon often searching for bears to make sure we were safe. That’s how far out and how new this park was surrounded by a forest of tall fir trees. I stood there admiring his shiny coat in the bright sunshine and thought to myself, I am bored. I repeated it to myself ‘I am bored’. Woah, YES! finally! I AM BORED! I was so excited by the though that I raced my sweet Blackie boy out of the park and back up the hill to the car, ruffled his fur and said, “let’s go buddy!”
Being bored meant I had finally recouped and was ready to create again. Brandon and I are lucky to be on the same track. He’s just now starting to feel like creating again and we couldn’t be more excited to see what 2016 has in store.

About this photo: My mom dog sat Blackie this weekend for us while we were in Portland. She has this quirky sense of humor and decided to put the bottom of a cauliflower on his head for this photo. When I asked her what prompted her to put a vegetable on his head she said, “Well, I was making dinner and her was right there.” Lol, how many people are encouraged to do random, creative things for no reason at all, so funny. Her shy dog, Brad, is in the background wondering what is going on. Every time I look at this I crack up. It just shows how easy going Blackie is and how curious Brad is. I titled this “My poor little carnivore” Thank goodness for Blackie for bringing me peace and being with me in moments of adventure and boredom. 😉1f609

my big, sweet dog

my big, sweet dog

(Hildebrand Photography) a day in the life of a photographer a day in the life of a seattle wedding photographer a lesson for photographers creatives for photographers why boredom was my goal https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/3/Why-boredom-was-my-goal Tue, 08 Mar 2016 16:41:30 GMT
Before and After wow factor https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/2/Before-and-After-wow-factor Thanks to the magic of Brandon…and Photoshop we have this gorgeous photo before and after to share with you. One of the highlights of our career is to create these one of a kind, incredibly artistic photos from the original photos we capture.
Both photos are beautiful but how fun is it to create a real “wow factor” photo to use as the album cover and make a big print to enjoy in your home.artistic wedding

Sonoma Golf Club

(Hildebrand Photography) artisti photo before and afterphotoshop before and afters sonoma golf club sonoma wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/2/Before-and-After-wow-factor Mon, 29 Feb 2016 18:29:03 GMT
Lauren and Wes album cover…gorgeous!! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/2/Lauren-and-Wes-album-cover-gorgeous N81_4462-edit-CoverN81_4462-edit-Cover(pp_w768_h512)
Lauren and Wes album cover…gorgeous!!

(Hildebrand Photography) album cover wedding albums wedding book https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/2/Lauren-and-Wes-album-cover-gorgeous Sun, 28 Feb 2016 18:28:44 GMT
Family heirloom https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/2/Family-heirloom Virginia and Steve

To really make their album perfect Brandon edited one more photo from Virginia and Steve’s wedding. Yes, there is the horizontal one similar to this and with this vertical one on the same album spread it really looks fantastic!
I cannot wait to see their album printed. It’s sure to be a true family heirloom!

(Hildebrand Photography) family heirloom wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/2/Family-heirloom Fri, 26 Feb 2016 15:27:10 GMT
Sonoma Wedding Lauren and Wes https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/2/Sonoma-Wedding-Lauren-and-Wes Sonoma Golf Club and Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa Lauren and Wes Wedding.
I was going to make this post small but then I saw more photos I liked then more and more. They’re not in the order of how they unfolded throughout the day. It’s just a blog full of some of my favorite photos from their big day.
I’ll post their full wedding album here soon. It turned out amazing! I can’t wait to see it in print!
Lauren and Wes are the greatest couple. They’re so attentive to each other. All of their guests flew in from different states to their wedding in Sonoma, Ca. Nobody is from there that they knew. It just sounded like a nice place to get married and they were right. Most of their guests live in Texas. Everyone stayed at their wedding until the very end. The dance floor was packed and their DJ played all the right songs. Lauren made an announcement for all the guests to drink their Texas shaped shot glass full of tequila early in the reception. Everyone gathered in groups and cheered, clinked glasses then down the hatch. That’s what really got the dancers out on the floor!
The grounds of the Sonoma Golf Course were/are exquisite with rolling hills and huge trees with twisted branches. Just different enough to remind us that we were no longer home in Seattle. The clubhouse is gorgeous with all the Spanish brickwork, arches, outdoor fountains and outdoor fireplaces. Guests enjoyed cocktail hour in the outdoor courtyard while we rocked out family photos.
Wes and Lauren met at Texas A&M. His grooms cake is representing the pride they share.
We caught a guest smoking a cigar because as photographers at a reception we are always attracted to loud partiers, people yelling “cheers”, anyone wearing a festive hat and anyone smoking a cigar. (wink)
They had a grand exit with guests throwing pink rose petals and everyone cheered and blew kisses to the lovely couple. It was truly a magnificent day!



























Sonoma Golf Club

Fairmont Inn

(Hildebrand Photography) ca sonoma sonoma golf club sonoma golf course sonoma wedding wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/2/Sonoma-Wedding-Lauren-and-Wes Mon, 22 Feb 2016 17:47:25 GMT
7 photos our clients are grateful for https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/2/7-photos-our-clients-are-grateful-for 7 photos our clients are grateful for

bridal party

1. This is by far one of the most complimented album spreads of all of our albums. We hear everyone say, “Ooh, I love that you got a photo of the whole bridal party and have them in the album!” We also hear, “that’s a stunning color of purple!” Getting an individual photo of each member of the bridal party is on our shot list for every wedding. We don’t ask, we just do. It’s something we can set up very quickly and run through each attendant photo in a flash. Complimentary backgrounds as well as similar lighting is important for the flow of the album spread so we do them all at once time to ensure continuity in the photos.

2. A photo of each grandparent set together. When was the last time your grandparents had a professional photo taken of just the two of them? Was is years ago on their wedding day? The grandparents are always pleasantly surprised when I ask them to step in so we can get a photo of them with our on site professional lights that we bring (Go Profoto!). No purses, jacket buttoned, sitting or standing tall and no hand on his belly please 😉1f609 and we are careful to avoid glare from reading glasses or ask them to remove tinted glasses. One formal photo of the two of them looking forward and one of them looking at each other which always brings about sweet smiles from both of your grandparents. We love the result.

3. An individual photo of the bride with each of her bridesmaids and the groom with each of his guys. We do one silly one and one serious one. It’s fun to see what people come up with for the silly one. Sometimes we have to help them come up with ideas on what to do that is silly and other times we can’t get them to stop being silly which always cracks us up. If we are short on time we make this photo optional but then we try to capture this later during the reception. It won’t be with our beautiful Profoto lights but it’ll still be a nice photo.

4. A photo of the bride with each of her parents separately as well as just the 3 of them then we can add the groom and the siblings. Then we do the same set up with the groom and his family. I love my parents equally and appreciate having photos of them with me separately as well as together so I feel it’s equally as important to our clients.

5. The first look…but you know how I feel about the first look. I think I can speak for all photographers and vendors (especially the catering company) We are constantly thanked for encouraging our clients to see each other first before the ceremony. If you choose to do family photos and bridal party as a group photos as well as photos of just the two of you after the ceremony then the chef gives us a hard stop time because they want to do their best to serve the food to you hot. That makes us rush the most important photos of the day. It also makes your guests wait. You can skip cocktail hour and go right to dinner if you do the photos before the ceremony which can save you thousands of dollars! You can spend some of the money saved on a photo booth which is way more fun than a cocktail weenie on a fancy napkin!

6. The first dance is one of my most favorite times of the wedding. It’s when I can capture intimate, romantic photos of the two of you naturally being together and moving. The tricky part here is to avoid getting photos of your backs since you’re moving and to be aware of the background. We have had to avoid random guests standing in the background (I don’t mind a big group as a background but one random guest is a bit odd especially if they’re taking photos instead of enjoying the moment, fire extinguishers, glowing green exit signs and large DJ speakers to name a few. Usually a close up photo and the precise moment when you are in front of the distracting item is the best time to get a great shot. For this photo we appreciate a sweet song that brings about a romantic mood. We have had couples do their first dance to a hard rock song and the photos turn out less than romantic which is fun and different but doesn’t give us those romantic, natural shots we love and you do too. 😉1f609



7. Photos of the rings. We take these photos during dinner usually. This is when the guests are all eating so we have a bit of down time. It’s perfect timing to have fun and be creative with ring photos. It’s play time for us. We love challenging ourselves to get crazy with lighting on these shots. If you’re near us during this time you may hear one of us say, “you rock!” or “yes! that’s a sweet shot!” or high fiving if I have an assistant with me since Brandon has decided high fiving is not cool anymore. Maybe he’s right but I still need something to do with my enthusiasm and a thumbs up just doesn’t have the same impact.

(Hildebrand Photography) 7 photos our clients are grateful for lord hill farms monte cristo ballroom murano hotel newcastle golf club wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/2/7-photos-our-clients-are-grateful-for Sun, 21 Feb 2016 17:34:56 GMT
Sonoma Golf Club https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/2/Sonoma-Golf-Club Sonoma Golf Club

(Hildebrand Photography) sonoma golf club travels wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/2/Sonoma-Golf-Club Thu, 18 Feb 2016 13:48:48 GMT
Kristi and Matt Seattle Engagement Photos https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/2/Kristi-and-Matt-Seattle-Engagement-Photos Kristi and Matt Seattle Engagement Photos




(Hildebrand Photography) engagement session/how they met seattle engagement photos https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/2/Kristi-and-Matt-Seattle-Engagement-Photos Wed, 17 Feb 2016 15:36:22 GMT
20 Wedding dresses https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/20-Wedding-dresses This post is all about wedding dresses, 20 Wedding dresses to be exact.
I’m collaborating with a new dress shop. I will be printing large prints to decorate her big empty walls. I cannot wait! Her shop is lovely and being full of big, fluffy wedding dresses everywhere you look just fills her shop with wonder! She has spacious dressing rooms with large mirrors so you can really see yourself in these glorious dresses and realize how glamorous you will feel on your wedding day. I’m honored to contribute to the success of her craft. While compiling photos to send to her to choose from I got completely engrossed in all the wedding dress photos we have captured over the many years. I don’t even have access to all of our wedding currently! So, if you don’t see your dress in these photos do not fret. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the fact that I had to make myself stop looking at photos and do things like…eat dinner before I completely forgot.
It’s dangerous to start a project like this because I know I’ll have to dig through all of our past weddings and stay FOCUSED! I can very easily get swept away in all the beauty and sweet memories. It’s one of the best parts of my job.
If you love any of these dresses and would like to know where they came from please feel free to contact me!
So, enjoy these photos of dresses. I will post photos of the prints I choose with the dress owner as well as photos of our prints in her lovely shop in the future.

Plus, as soon as I have a chance I feel a cake blog coming on as well as a shoe blog. I’ll be sure to eat dinner BEFORE I start those projects…especially the cake one! 😉1f609

src=”http://www.hildebrandphotoblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/2016-01-28_0071.jpg” alt=”2016-01-28_0071″ width=”800″ height=”1773″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-5086″ />2016-01-28_00592016-01-28_00602016-01-28_00612016-01-28_00622016-01-28_00632016-01-28_00642016-01-28_00652016-01-28_00662016-01-28_00672016-01-28_00682016-01-28_0069
wedding dressesLuly Yang
Hermosa Bridal
I Do Bridal
Alfred Angenlo
A Princess Bridal
Weddings With Joy
The Wedding Bell
Belltown Bridal
Moments to Treasure Bridal
Romashka Bridal
Suzanne’s Bridal Boutique
Kitsch Bitsch
Private Label Bridal
Alicia’s Bridal
Love Couture Bridal
Bellevue Bridal David’s Bridal
Barbara’s Bridal Boutique
Jill Stewart
Nordstrom Wedding Gowns

(Hildebrand Photography) a princess bridal alfred angenlo alicia's bridal barbara's bridal boutique bellevue bridal belltown bridal black wedding dress bridesmaid dresses david's bridal hermosa bridal i do bridal jill stewart bridal kitsch bitsch long dresses love couture bridal luly yang moments to treasure bridal nordstrom bridal petticoat pink dresses private label bridal romashka bridal suzanne's bridal boutique the wedding bell tulle wedding wedding dresses weddings with joy white sash yellow dresses https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/20-Wedding-dresses Thu, 28 Jan 2016 19:59:18 GMT
Tennessee Farm Wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/Tennessee-Farm-Wedding Throw back Thursday
Tennessee Farm Wedding

Tennessee Farm WeddingD7C_7405-EditD8S_4591-EditD7C_7397-Edit

We flew to Tennessee for Ann and Cody’s wedding in 2013. After their first look we drove to a nearby farm full of barns, old trucks, huge oak trees (which carry fond childhood memories for me), open fields, a pond with a dock (see the cover of our magazine for a photo of Ann and Cody on the dock) and many, many horses. Yes, we have farms full of horses her in Western Washington but this farm in Tennessee had more acreage than I can remember and spanned further than we could see. There were fenced areas but the gates were wide open. The horses just wandered all over. I’d never seen anything like that before. You’d feel something near you and turn around to see a large, furry face saying hello. Oh, and the cows, there was a herd of cows who came to say hello en masse when we took the photo up the hill by the tree. Brandon had to call me on the cell phone to tell me where to position the clients for the photo since he was too far away for us to hear. In this photo I am hiding behind the tree, the cows are coming up from the right and the bridal party is partying in the truck in the dirt road just out of shot.
Fireworks ended their wedding with a great festive bang. The last guests left stayed to play cards outside in the warm summer heat, laugh at jokes and snack on more delicious wedding cake Sweet Thing Bakery. Their wedding was full of adventure, family and romance, truly a day to remember.
To see multiple blog posts about their Tennessee Farm Wedding including a slideshow click on this link http://www.hildebrandphotoblog.com/?s=cody

(Hildebrand Photography) lebannon oak tree sweet thing bakery tennessee farm wedding tn wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/Tennessee-Farm-Wedding Thu, 28 Jan 2016 15:18:27 GMT
27 Hildebrand Photography Wedding Photography faq’s https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/27-Hildebrand-Photography-Wedding-Photography-faq-s We are still reeling from the Seattle Wedding Show and the Tulalip Bridal Showcase. We met many terrific couples and are booking many meetings now.

If you like…
shorter meetings
feeling relieved that you hired us for your photographer, videographer and photo booth
spending more time talking about your fun wedding details and visions

then reading our faq’s is a good thing to do.

We look forward to meeting with you! And giving big hugs and/or high fives when you book us! 🙂1f642


Q: Are you and your husband both photographers?
A: Yes, we are both experienced photographers. We individually bring years of artistic lighting, posing and design to each shoot. We both teach photography classes.

Q: What do you charge?
A: Hildebrand Photography prices start at $2,999. We can create a custom collection to suit your specific needs. This is done in person or via Skype. There’s a lot that goes into wedding photography. We offer more than most photographers. You will receive a complete list of our products, and can tell us what is important to your day so we can put together the best collection for you.
We have 3 collections to choose from. We keep them very simple and easy to understand. We don’t show you lower prices then confuse you with a bunch of add-ons and then have you end up at a price higher than what you expected. We put it all out there for you to see. I remember being a bride and planning our wedding and know that it is a lot to take in. My goal is to keep things as simple and easy for you so you do not have to worry about anything photography related. You know that you are in good hands and can relax and enjoy your day!
The main difference between our 3 collections is the hours of coverage then we add more photography related items that are unique to Hildebrand Photography as you go up from there.
Quite often we hear clients say, “ Wow, you have a lot to offer, things we have never heard of, this is really great!”

Q: Do you charge for travel?
A: No, we do not charge for travel…even to Hawaii! That means we don’t charge for hotel or airfare if you hire us for Hildebrand Photography. We love to do destination weddings. We have been to many states and some countries photographing weddings.

Q: What is Studio H?
A: We have two photography companies. Studio H is our more basic packages. One of the owners, either Dawn or Brandon, will shoot your wedding unless we are both booked on your day then one of our highly skilled associate (not assistant but Associate) photographers would photograph your wedding. We will do everything else including editing, album design, correspondence, etc. For more information on this please see page number four on what the difference is between Hildebrand Photography and Studio H.

Q: Do I get a DVD?
A: Yes, you will receive a DVD of your wedding photos.

Q: How do you describe your style of wedding photography?
A: We pride ourselves in creating highly artistic photos. When a friend comes to your home and sees your wall print and says, “Wow, where did you get that, is that a painting?!” and then…”Oh my gosh, that’s YOU TWO, that’s beautiful!” That’s the ultimate compliment to us. That’s what we are going for. We create art for you to hand down through the generations. We are passionate about capturing candid moments as they unfold during your day.

Q: What if there’s harsh/direct sun outdoor light or dark indoor light during family photos?
A: We have professional lighting that we bring to weddings for the family photos. You don’t want strange shadows on faces from harsh sunlight. Our lights give you and your family flattering lighting for the highest quality photos.

Q: Do you have back up photographers?
A: Yes, we have highly qualified photographers who shoot weddings with us. They know how we work, how we dress, our photography style and they have similar, professional, friendly personalities like ours.

Q: Do you have insurance?
A: Yes, we have liability insurance.

Q: I heard you have your own magazine. Is that true?
A: Yes, Emerald City Bride. Our first issue is on our blog and can be found in the link below. An abundance of information about us and how we work can be found there. Plus, it’s filled with beautiful photos which is always fun!

Here’s your copy of Seattle’s very own Emerald City Bride Magazine

Q: Can you create prints for us?
A: We love prints, especially big wall portraits! Our albums and prints have a lifetime warranty. We have worked with our vendors for many years now. We have the utmost faith in the quality of their workmanship. We are offering the lifetime warranty to you because we trust their work.

Q: How long do I have to make my album?
A: One year from your wedding date.

Q: How soon can I have my pictures edited and ready for me after the wedding?
A: We shoot about 1,000 photos per photographer then we edit those down to about 800 total depending on how many hours and how many events your wedding has. We make sure they are perfectly ready for you. This all takes about a month.

Q: How long does it take to get my wedding video?
A: Videography is much more involved when it comes to editing. The video takes three months to edit. Yes, you will receive a DVD of your wedding video.

Q: Have you shot at our venue before?
A: There are hundreds of venues in the Seattle area. We shoot weddings world wide. Although we have shot at many venues haven’t been to all of them. A good photographer doesn’t need to have seen a place first. We know the lighting will be different in different times of the day and year so even if we have shot there it will be different on your day. Plus we like to keep it fresh, to have your photos be different than anyone else’s. We can create amazing images in just a 3’ space. It all has to do with the lighting and the photographer.

Q: Are you natural light photographers?
A: We can shoot with just the daylight but we also have all the gear to be able to shoot in low light or to combat harsh sunlight. Most wedding receptions are low light so we are ready for this. We actually teach classes on how to shoot in all light settings so you are in good hands.

Q: What is the 90-day web gallery?
A: This is our gift to you. This gallery allows for easy viewing, sharing and ordering of your wedding images without having to call you. Your personal gallery is online for 90 days. You may want to purchase Event Cards from us. I make enough 4×6 cards for all of your guests which has a photo of you two from your engagement session so it’s a nice memento but then I include the link to your 90-day web gallery so all of your guests know where to go to see the photos. This way they’re not calling you asking what the link is. The event cards are very popular, guests love them!

Q: Do you offer an engagement photo session?
A: Yes, we love engagement sessions! This is our chance for us get to know each other better and for you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. It’s also a way to spend time having fun with your fiancé. We highly recommend an engagement shoot.

Q: What is an engagement session?
A: The two of you dress up and meet us somewhere fun for a 1-2 hour photo session. This is a good time for you to have your hair and make-up trial done before your wedding. These are great photos to use for your save the date cards, guest book and decorations at your reception.

Q: Do you offer guest sign-in books?
A: Yes, our guest book is beautiful! Everyone who sees it raves about how soft the leather cover is and how it has thick pages that lay flat and don’t flop closed like other books. It will have photos from your engagement session as well as pages where guests are encouraged to sign-in and write words of congratulations to you.

Q: What about save the date and thank you cards?
A: We are researching the best company to use for these and will be offering them soon!

Q: Can I give you a list of photos for you to take?
A: We can use a list of names for the family photos to make sure we don’t miss anyone. Make sure not to make this list too long as you and your guests will want to enjoy your day rather than go through a series of posed photos. Other than the posed family photos we would prefer to not have a list. We recommend limiting your list to close family. It is important to get back to the wedding fun as soon as possible. If you like our work, our art, then you will like what we create for you. We create your photos based on the lighting, atmosphere, architecture and nature that we see in the places where you are getting married to tell the story of your day.

Q: Do you have back-up cameras?
A: Yes, we have multiple cameras (all Nikon, go Nikon!), multiple flashes, tripods, batteries, memory cards, lenses, you name it we have many of each.

Q: What if I need extra hours on the day of my wedding?
A: We know every wedding day takes on a life of its own. If your day starts to run over and we are scheduled to leave soon but there are still some events that you would like photographed we will ask you or someone you authorize if you would like us to stay an hour or two longer and bill you later. Our main goal always is to make sure your day is happy, stress-free and fun!

Q: How do we save our date with you?
A: Our deposit is $1,000, this will save your date with Hildebrand Photography. This is first come, first serve. We can-not hold dates until a deposit is made. We prefer check or cash for the deposit. The remaining amount can be paid off monthly with the last payment paid 30 days before your wedding. Our software system will automatically email you each month with a link to your payment that you can easily pay online with a credit card. You can even email payment link(s) in any amount to anyone who wants to contribute to your photography!

Q: Who runs the photo booth?
A: We have an assistant who works the photo booth.

Q: Do you stay for the dinner?
A: We would prefer to stay on-site during the dinner so that we can be close enough to keep track of what is going on in case anything unscheduled happens. We don’t need to eat what your guests eat. We are fine with a vendor meal which some venues offer. We do request that we eat when you eat and will be ready for more photos once you are done eating.

Discovery Park Seattle

Discovery Park Seattle

(Hildebrand Photography) frequently asked questions hildebrand photography hildebrand photography faq's seattle wedding photographer seattle wedding photography wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/27-Hildebrand-Photography-Wedding-Photography-faq-s Mon, 25 Jan 2016 21:48:00 GMT
Into the woods for an outdoor glamour session https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/Into-the-woods-for-an-outdoor-glamour-session Into the woods for an outdoor glamour session with the lovely Werona

Brandon and I found this magical place with trails, leaves, trees and a pond. We brought our antique red office chair into the woods and set the trap. Out from the trees this lovely lady was lured by the magical red chair and we caught her just lounging away and smiling happily while sitting in the magical chair…or something like that. 😉1f609 Isn’t it just magnificent that we were so lucky to be in the right place at the right time?


(Hildebrand Photography) glamour glamour photography green dress into the woods lake outdoor glamour photography outdoor glamour session pond red hair red shoes woods https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/Into-the-woods-for-an-outdoor-glamour-session Fri, 22 Jan 2016 14:58:04 GMT
A sure fire way to make your day unique https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/A-sure-fire-way-to-make-your-day-unique Newcastle 2016-01-21_0004(pp_w768_h1141)

Want a sure fire way to make your day unique? Hire Neil Hubbard to play the bag pipes for your wedding! He’s truly amazing in his customary attire. Your guests will be amazed! He’s a great guy. I’ve worked with him numerous occasions. While at the Seattle Wedding Show I stopped by his booth to say hello. He’s very friendly, professional and passionate about his art. He plays at Newcastle regularly during sunset. Check with him to find out which months he’s there. What a fun date night that would be to have dinner and a drink in the bar or restaurant at Newcastle on the outdoor terrace, listen to Neil’s music and watch the sunset over Seattle in the distance. If you’ve never been to Newcastle you are in for a treat! Think modern day sprawling castle with a view of Seattle as the cherry on top! There are often deer who frequent the golf course that time of day too! We took our kids there once for a fun outing (we were on the terrace not the bar). It’s great fun. After your glorious date night call Neil and hire him for your wedding. You’ll be glad you did! Newcastle Golf Club




(Hildebrand Photography) bag piper neil hubbard neil hubbard bagpiper newcastle newcastle country club newcastle golf club wedding & event vendors https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/A-sure-fire-way-to-make-your-day-unique Thu, 21 Jan 2016 11:08:11 GMT
8 Things to know about Hildebrand Photography https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/8-Things-to-know-about-Hildebrand-Photography
8 Things to know about Hildebrand Photography

The Seattle Wedding Show last weekend was fabulous! We met hundreds of wonderful couples. We are filling our schedule with meetings at our Redmond studio now.
Our available times to meet are filling up quickly! As soon as you have your date with your venue secure be sure to contact us right away for a meeting.

At the meeting we will give you a welcome packet describing who we are and all the great things we have to offer as well as some items that will help you plan your day. You will see our big wall prints and all of our wedding albums. We can hear all about your wedding plans and even create a custom package based on your individual needs.

8 Things to know about Hildebrand Photography:
+ We do not charge for travel. So, if you are having a destination wedding be sure to talk to us!
We have photographed weddings in: Argentina, Canada, Oregon, Arizona, Sonoma, CA, Virginia, San Juans, Tennessee, Hawaii and more!
+ We do offer photography, videography and photo booths.
+ We are a husband and wife team who are both shooters and both have many years of experience capturing incredible wedding images.
+ Our photography style is artistic with the use of textures and layers to create a work of art to display on your walls for generations to come. Some people think our prints are paintings which is a real compliment to us.
+ We capture a mixture of candid shots and posed images from your day.
+ We love wedding albums and include one in each of our collections. After all, they are your first family heirloom that you are creating together!
+ We love engagement sessions and include one in each of our collections. Our couples have lots of fun and we do too. It’s a great time to get use to being photographed and get to know each other better.
+ We have been doing this many years and have a lot of special things to offer to our clients that our clients have greatly appreciated over the years. Come on in and I’ll tell you all about them.

So, almost all of those sentences started with “we”. Come on in to our studio and let’s hear more about “YOU” and your big day! 🙂1f642 See you soon!

Call or text us at 206.399.4987
email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Check us out at: www.Weddingwire.com and www.theknot.com where we have 5-star ratings from clients and our peers!
Published in: Shutter Magazine, Moon Travel Guide, Seattle Times, Modern Jewish Bride, Bejeweled Magazine and more.

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Edgewater Seattle Wedding Video https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/Edgewater-Seattle-Wedding-Video

Lauren and Nick Highlight Video from Hildebrand Productions on Vimeo.


(Hildebrand Photography) https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/Edgewater-Seattle-Wedding-Video Mon, 18 Jan 2016 13:15:59 GMT
High School Senior Magazine https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/High-School-Senior-Magazine We are proud to announce our High School Senior Magazine!! We should have a catchy title for our magazine, hmmm…we will have to work on that. If we had a mascot it would have to be the Labradors to represent our dogs, Merry and Blackie, of course.high school senior

It’s full of tons of senior photo sessions by Hildebrand Photography. There’s also helpful tips for guys and tips for girls on how to have a great photo session.
Yes, it’s a link you have to click on to view. There are so many photos here that it was too big to put on our blog otherwise and there are more photo sessions still to be added!

There are high school seniors from all over here. There’s Redmond High School, Puyallup High School, Sultan High School to name a few. There are photos taken in studio, in the city, in city parks, on hiking trails and on Lake Washington. Some students bring their friends, dogs, parents, siblings. Some students bring props or have us shoot in places that represent their sports. There are many great ideas here on what to wear, where to go and what to bring.

Enjoy the photos and call us to book your high school senior session today!


(Hildebrand Photography) high school senior magazine high school senior photos high school seniors hildebrand photography puyallup high school redmond high school seattle high school seniors seattle senior session seattle seniors senior photos seattle senior sessions sultan high school https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/High-School-Senior-Magazine Sat, 09 Jan 2016 00:18:49 GMT
Join us at the NW Bridal Showcase this weekend! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/Join-us-at-the-NW-Bridal-Showcase-this-weekend slideshow-placeholder-1452277736

Come join us at the NW Bridal Showcase this weekend!

January 9th & 10th, 2016

Saturday 12:00- 6:00 & Sunday 10:00-3:00

The Tulalip Resort Casino

10200 Quilceda Blvd. Tulalip, WA 98270


(Hildebrand Photography) nw bridal showcase promo the nw bridal showcase the tulalip resort casino tulalip casino tulalip wedding expo https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2016/1/Join-us-at-the-NW-Bridal-Showcase-this-weekend Fri, 08 Jan 2016 10:31:51 GMT
Virginia and Steve Highlight Video https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Virginia-and-Steve-Highlight-Video VirginiaSteveThumbnailVirginiaSteveThumbnail-300x201

Virginia and Steve Highlight Video from Hildebrand Productions on Vimeo.

(Hildebrand Photography) video videos & slideshows wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Virginia-and-Steve-Highlight-Video Tue, 29 Dec 2015 17:50:45 GMT
Kitsap Memorial State Park https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Kitsap-Memorial-State-Park 2015-12-18_0004

Kitsap Memorial State Park

I was challenged to a photo a day on FB by Tim Arnold. I’m pretty sure he is requesting only landscape photos but all of my photos have people in them. I completely am enamored by landscape photos. In fact, many of our big prints are all about our wedding clients with impressive landscape settings. So, I cheated and posted this sunset photo from a wedding we photographed this summer. This was taken from Kitsap Memorial State Park near Poulsbo, WA. But I also think Tim has a great capacity to cheat at this landscape photo gig because he lives on one of the San Juan Islands known as one of the most beautiful places on Earth!
I would love to take landscape photos of all the breath taking feats of nature we have in the Northwest but I would have to bring my dog and would probably require a Sherpa to carry all of my photography gear so I could get the best shot possible! I’d also have to have a GPS tracker on me so when I get lost and consumed behind the lens and wander off taking photos I’ll be able to be retrieved.

(Hildebrand Photography) a day in the life of a photographer kitsap memorial state park photo challenge poulsbo san juans sunset travels https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Kitsap-Memorial-State-Park Sat, 19 Dec 2015 13:39:45 GMT
Foss Waterway Seaport Tacoma https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Foss-Waterway-Seaport-Tacoma Foss Waterway Seaport-Colette and Ravi’s Wedding

This is the beginning layout design for Colette and Ravi’s wedding album. Never mind the yellow triangles, it’s a Fundy editing thing. I really like how the album is turning out so far. I cannot wait to see the printed version, it’s going to be a true story book full of heartfelt memories for them to cherish always!

ravi_colette_album_blogFoss Waterway Seaport Tacoma

Below is a description of how Colette and Ravi envisioned their wedding day at at Foss Waterway Seaport in Tacoma as taken from our questionnaire they filled out.

Q. We’d love to know more about your wedding plans, especially what you’re doing to make your wedding special or unique for you.

A. We are going to have a ‘flower parade’ of little kids…any young person who wants to be a part of our procession is welcome to, and kids will come in with streamers and handing out flowers to guests along the aisles. We have a huge wedding party, which we are referring to as our ‘Wedding Tribe’…the whole entrance procession will be huge and festive and probably to funky, dance-inspiring music.

We will be having our ceremony in a circular format. We will have a small platform in the middle of a large circular formation of chairs, with pillows on the ground around the platform for the kids to sit on to have a better view.

We will have a steel band play outside on the promenade during cocktail hour, while the room is flipped for the reception. We will have chalk art, games, and face painting – for kids and adults alike.

For dinner, we will serve burrito bowls. We’ll have an amazing DJ friend of ours fly in from Philly, who specializes in mixing funk/soul 45s. Dessert will be Mexican ‘paletas’ (super delicious popsicles: http://roamconference.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/paletas.jpg/).

Our wedding will be full of color, laughter, diversity, dancing, and funny, warm people. It will be a sort of reunion for several different social/family groups from around the country/world.

One of our biggest values is community and connection, and we will have several gatherings and activities throughout the week and the event to help bring people together and get to know each other so that the event is one big joyous unified celebration.

They described their wedding perfectly! This is exactly how it turned out.

Thank you to the vendors who made Colette and Ravi’s wedding so perfect!

Coordinator, Caterer, Florist, Event Designer: Gierin Creek Event Services

Gown Boutique:Kitsch Bitsch Alyssa Devanny 0412 069 287 (Australia) [email protected]

DJ: DJ Personify James Norman (706) 248-3788 [email protected]

Dessert: Seattle Pops

Venue: Foss Waterway Seaport

Videographer: Hildebrand Photography

The Islanders Steel Drum Band
contact: Obe Quarless
email: [email protected]
phone: 253-426-5342

(Hildebrand Photography) foss seaport foss waterway foss waterway seaport seaport tacoma waterfront tacoma wedding tacoma wedding venue https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Foss-Waterway-Seaport-Tacoma Fri, 18 Dec 2015 07:58:54 GMT
Bridal party cigar fun https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Bridal-party-cigar-fun

Lauren and Nick’s wedding. This is Nick with his groomsmen in dashing grey suits on the deck of the Edgewater Hotel.

…not to be outdone by the Lauren’s bridesmaids with cigars.

A major storm had just blown through with heavy winds, rains and if I remember right, lightning. We had just finish the bridal party photos down at the Discovery Park light house when a few drops fell. Everyone was back inside the hotel and safe when the heavy rains hit.
When Lauren exited the van her dad was standing there in perfect timing for her first look with him. Here’s the photo of the two of them. We were so happy to be there to capture this heartfelt moment.
By the time the storm subsided the reception party was going strong and everyone migrated outside to enjoy the fresh air with a cigar…wait, what? Ha, ha, ok they must have been outside to enjoy the cool air while smoking a cigar. Either way, I love getting cool shots of people smoking cigars. Lauren and Nick purchased a print of the guys. It’s going to look great on their wall. What a fun memory to display.

(Hildebrand Photography) bridal party cigar fun bridesmaid with cigars cigar wedding dad and bride edgewater hotel seattle edgewater hotel wedding grey suits groom groomsmen groomsmen grey suits men with cigars pink bridesmaids dresses wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Bridal-party-cigar-fun Wed, 16 Dec 2015 09:46:17 GMT
Welcome to Hildebrand Photography! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Welcome-to-Hildebrand-Photography welcome_blog
Trinity Tree Farm Issaquah
This place is amazing! Not only do they sell Christmas trees and Pumpkins but people have incredible weddings there too! It’s gorgeous there. There are acres of trees, a big, red, old fashioned fire truck, a roomy lodge style building with an impressive outdoor fireplace reminiscent of a 5-star resort in the mountains.
We cannot wait to photograph Kristi and Matt’s wedding. They are going to have many, many children in their wedding which will be adorable, many friends as attendants and an intimate number of guests. This will be the perfect wedding. We are all hoping for snow on their big day…fingers crossed! Wouldn’t it be incredible to have hundreds of evergreen trees covered in a light layer of white snow in their photos! Oh my gosh, now I’m hoping they have hot chocolate for everyone there. Wouldn’t it be nice for everyone to be enjoying each others company with a nice warm mug in the lodge and the winter view out the large pane windows that surround the lodge? The woods are my favorite. I know most people love the ocean but the woods is where I like to be.

Welcome to Hildebrand Photography!

(Hildebrand Photography) wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Welcome-to-Hildebrand-Photography Tue, 15 Dec 2015 17:03:15 GMT
The 2016 Seattle Wedding Show is coming up! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/The-2016-Seattle-Wedding-Show-is-coming-up The 2016 Seattle Wedding Show is coming up!
Our home away from home for will be…
Where: Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle
Booth #: 1312 (see red circle in map) We are next door to the Salish Lodge booth (go Salish!).
When: January 16th 10:00am-5:30pm and 17th 10:30am-5:00pm
Come meet us, say hello, see our big wall print art and our gorgeous albums! Then, hire us for your wedding and be elated that you did! 😉1f609

You can pre-purchase tickets here: www.weddingshow.com

wedding showwedding-show(pp_w768_h993)

seattle wedding show map

(Hildebrand Photography) salish salish lodge salish wedding seattle expo seattle wedding seattle wedding show the 2016 seattle wedding show is coming up! wedding wedding & event vendors wedding expo wedding show https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/The-2016-Seattle-Wedding-Show-is-coming-up Mon, 14 Dec 2015 13:26:45 GMT
Gorgeous, festive Holiday Card https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Gorgeous-festive-Holiday-Card Looks at this gorgeous, gorgeous, festive Holiday Card of Lauren and Wes! We are happy to now offer holiday cards and are thrilled with how they are turning out. They’re incredible and our clients are loving them! Order yours today, choose your favorite layout and call us with your order.


(Hildebrand Photography) festive holiday card gorgeous https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Gorgeous-festive-Holiday-Card Fri, 11 Dec 2015 13:00:17 GMT
Our Oprah Couch https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Our-Oprah-Couch Hello,

This is me chilling in our comfy, lovely office after a client meeting.

Our office is everything we hoped it would be. When the power went out in our neighborhood we packed up dinner and took it to our office. We were very cozy there with our t.v., heater/fireplace, big sofa (which I just realized is the same look as Oprah’s famous yellow leather chairs) & mini fridge. We are proud to bring clients there where they can see our art in wall prints and albums. There they peruse our samples and pick out their own wall prints and albums after they view their photos on our t.v.
So, come to Redmond and have a sit on our Oprah couch, no worries, we don’t have a studio audience.


(Hildebrand Photography) a day in the life of a photographer hildebrand photography oprah couch redmond office redmond photography studio https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Our-Oprah-Couch Thu, 10 Dec 2015 16:00:35 GMT
Stunning Album Art Box https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Stunning-Album-Art-Box Stunning Album Art Box

These Art Boxes are incredible! They’re very personalized with your own photo as the cover. They’re a fabulous way to protect your heirloom album plus there’s a special spot inside to hold your DVD of photos so it’s all together in one place.
Everyone who sees our Art Boxes completely LOVES them! This is something everyone should own. It’s a beautiful finishing touch to your wedding photos.


(Hildebrand Photography) album art box graphi albums graphi studios keep sake items photo box products wedding album wedding book wedding book box wedding photos https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Stunning-Album-Art-Box Wed, 09 Dec 2015 15:49:42 GMT
Our new Canon Pro-100 printer https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Our-new-Canon-Pro-100-printer We just bout the Canon Pro-100 printer and are really impressed with it!
No more messing around with ordering through companies that use ROES, no more running to our PO Box to pick up orders. We have control over the color and the paper options are endless! How amazing would it be to have this in our studio. Brandon edits while I shoot. The client chooses their favorites just minutes after their shoot and takes home the final prints right then! No homework for us. Instant gratification for our clients, yay! It’s a win, win! I can’t wait to try out the new workflow!
Oh, and as a bonus, if you zoom in to the white paper above the printer in the photo you’ll see my daughter’s artwork depicting what students should not do in science class at school…in case you need a refresher on the middle school rules. The message of the day here is “don’t scare your friend or they may knock over a beaker”…and of course, “do like us on FB…always!” 😉1f609


family photosfamily-photos1
Canon Pro-100 printer

(Hildebrand Photography) canon pro-100 printer for photographers https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Our-new-Canon-Pro-100-printer Tue, 08 Dec 2015 11:18:30 GMT
Krasowski family photos https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Krasowski-family-photos 2015-12-05_0001




family photos

Krasowski family photos

(Hildebrand Photography) fall leaves kids family photos krasowski family photos outdoor family photos redmond family photos studio family photos https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Krasowski-family-photos Sat, 05 Dec 2015 13:08:42 GMT
Wedding guest humor https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Wedding-guest-humor Wedding guest humor
This is what little kids do during weddings. They wiggle and make silly faces but when she licked her mom’s arm and I actually clicked quickly enough to capture it I was cracking up! Such a funny little kid!

It’s fun to get to go behind the scenes and see funny things like this. My camera is my ticket to be a part of the wedding guests and still get to walk around during the ceremony to see everything that’s going on. I’m happy that this little girl felt safe enough, was happy enough and having fun in the festivities of the day enough to be smiling during the vows which most kids view as two people standing there doing nothing but talking and then “EW…kissing!”

Weddings are off and on fun for kids. They are expected to dress up, not get dirty, not be loud, sit still and let relatives hold them, kiss their cheeks and chase them around for an entire day but clearly she was having a good time. I’d say her happiness is a reflection of how happy and casual everyone was at Ravi and Colette’s wedding. It was truly a festive occasion! Ooh, and this wedding reception had face painting! I’ll share those photos here later…stay tuned.




(Hildebrand Photography) wedding wedding guest wedding guest humor wedding kid humor https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Wedding-guest-humor Fri, 04 Dec 2015 16:42:18 GMT
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE first looks!!! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/We-LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-first-looks We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE first looks!!!

Colette arrived at the site and jumped out of her car and ran to Ravi as fast as her wedge shoes would let her and gave him a giant hug! Luckily Brandon was ready and caught it all in photos. I absolutely love this series of photos. Colette is so thoughtful she actually apologized to me for not waiting until I got there so I could photograph it. I’m just so happy she got caught up in the moment and enjoyed her first sight of Ravi on their big day to the fullest because that’s what it’s all about!

Here she is showing him how beautiful she is in her fancy, hip, fun wedding attire.

And here he is showing her how handsome he is in his suit and tennis shoes…so hip and fashionable! Ha,ha, he cracks me up with his moves. So cool!

(Hildebrand Photography) first look reveals wedding wedding first look wedding reveal https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/We-LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-first-looks Thu, 03 Dec 2015 16:43:37 GMT
Jenny you will be missed https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Jenny-you-will-be-missed Today we received sad news that a fellow photographer has passed away unexpectedly. We are heartbroken and shocked. Jenny you will be missed. Your cheerful smiles, big hugs and energy, your larger than life photo robot and zest for life were always a welcome sight. Thank you Jenny, for being such a talented artist and business woman.
From all of us here at Hildebrand Photography, thank you for being you. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to Jeff and the friends and family of Jenny.
Many thanks to Patrick Thorp of Thorp Photography for lending us his glorious photo of the flag at half mast.

(Hildebrand Photography) a day in the life of a photographer f7 photography jennifer guzman https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/12/Jenny-you-will-be-missed Wed, 02 Dec 2015 21:19:44 GMT
Sarah and Corey Salish Elopement https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/11/Sarah-and-Corey-Salish-Elopement 2015-12-14_00012015-12-14_0002









Wedding cake made by Salish Lodge

Wedding cake made by Salish Lodge


Sarah and Corey Salish Elopement
What a sweet elopement for Sarah and Corey at Salish Lodge. Sarah wore her hair in an elegant up do by Salon Maison“. She had a champagne colored dress with a full chiffon skirt and Cory wore a gold tie and a black suit. It was all very romantic. Salish Lodge had red flower petals strewn about the dining big wooden dining room table with a bottle of red wine and two glasses. There was an elegant lemon cake with white frosting and a bouquet of white roses wrapped in a ribbon. Both Corey and Sarah had the excited jitters before the ceremony even without guests in attendance. Kent of A Heavenly Ceremony was as eloquent and warm-hearted as always.
For their first kiss he threw in an unexpected dip and we all (all 4 of us) cheered and applauded.

We took outdoor photos on the patio of their suite. It’s was pitch black outside. He wrapped her in his suit jacket and held her tight. We had them lean against the railing so we could include the famous Snoqualmie Falls that are lit with spotlights at night and overflowing with rushing water with all the rain coming down lately. It was all so dramatic and romantic! We can’t wait to share the photos!

Thanks to the vendors who made their day special:
Salon Maison


Salish Lodge

(Hildebrand Photography) a heavenly ceremony champagne wedding dress chiffon wedding dress elopement elopement ceremony gold sparkly wedding shoes groom suit salish lodge salon maison snoqualmie falls elopement snoqualmie falls wedding wedding wedding & event vendors white wedding cake https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/11/Sarah-and-Corey-Salish-Elopement Thu, 26 Nov 2015 16:01:33 GMT
Holiday Cards are here!!! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/11/Holiday-Cards-are-here Holiday Cards are here!!!
We are happy to announce that Hildebrand Photography is now offering Holiday Cards! Here is a list of templates to choose from. Which one is your favorite? My favorite is the chalkboard style card that says “JOY”. Any one of these is guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of those who receive them.

They’re 5×7 in size with a minimum order of 25 up to as many as you would like. If you want to give them to your entire family on both sides, your extended family, co-workers, everyone at church, school, soccer, the mailman and his dog feel free!

They’re $3.00 each.

Book your photo session with us now and let’s create a beautiful Holiday card for you!

Email us at : [email protected] to book your session.

photocardspah_0_5x7_0_0_0_0 photocardspah_0_5x7_0_0_0_02 photocardspah_0_5x7_0_0_0_03 photocardspah_0_5x7_0_0_0_04 photocardspah_0_5x7_0_0_0_05 photocardspah_0_5x7_0_0_0_06 photocardspah_0_5x7_0_0_0_07 photocardspah_0_5x7_288_0_0_0 photocardspah_0_5x7_289_0_0_0 photocardspah_0_5x7_294_0_0_0 photocardspress_0_5x710CardswithEnvelopes_0_0_0_08 photocardspress_0_5x710CardswithEnvelopes_49_0_0_0 photocardspress_0_5x710CardswithEnvelopes_80_0_0_0

(Hildebrand Photography) christmas cards christmas photos christmas trees hanukkah hanukkah cards holiday cards holidays products promo https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/11/Holiday-Cards-are-here Thu, 26 Nov 2015 13:55:54 GMT
Our DeLille Cellars photo is in Shutter Magazine! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/11/Our-DeLille-Cellars-photo-is-in-Shutter-Magazine 2015-11-12_0001

Our DeLille Cellars photo is in the November edition of Shutter Magazine! Yes, I blogged about this already but here is the real deal. You can buy your own copy at Barnes and Noble Here are two photos of the actual magazine. This photo was taken at Jenna and Chris’s wedding at Delille Cellars in Woodinville, WA. DeLille Cellars is a gorgeous venue. You feel like your’e in Italy when you are there. There’s a pond, bridge, tall trees, grape vines (of course), a tall stucco building with dark wood floors, outdoor decks, arched doorways and a sweeping view of the Woodinville valley. You should get married at DeLille and hire us for photography, video and photo booth. Several of our clients have done this and their weddings were complete perfection!

(Hildebrand Photography) barnes and noble our delille cellars photo is in shutter magazine! wedding wedding & event vendors https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/11/Our-DeLille-Cellars-photo-is-in-Shutter-Magazine Thu, 12 Nov 2015 18:59:01 GMT
Jenny and Rob wedding video https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/11/Jenny-and-Rob-wedding-video Jenny and Rob video

Jenny & Rob Highlight from Hildebrand Productions on Vimeo.

Special thanks to all the vendors involved in making Jenny and Rob’s day incredible!

Caterer Oddfella’s Pub

Cake Artist: Julie’s Gluten Free Bakery

Officiant: Lifetime Memories

Gown Boutique Alfred Angelo
(877) 726-4356

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Daniel Ross Salon

Musician/DJ D.J. Vay

Venue The Rainier Room at the Truitt Building
(253) 804-3555

Videographer Hildebrand Photography dba Hildebrand Productions

(Hildebrand Photography) alfred angelo gown boutique bbq catering d.j. vay daniel ross salon december in blue and grey wedding grey fur wedding grey tuxedo hildebrand productions jenny and rob wedding video julie's gluten free bakery lifetime memories officiant oddfella's pub the rainier room truitt building video wedding & event vendors wedding cake wedding video wedding video highlights winter wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/11/Jenny-and-Rob-wedding-video Thu, 05 Nov 2015 13:49:32 GMT
Danielle and Tiffany Glamour https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/11/Danielle-and-Tiffany-Glamour

Look at these two beauties. We had so much fun, cracking up and throwing hair around with the hair dryer. Here’s a preview of just one photo each. As soon as they meet with me at our office to see the rest I will do a full blog post of them here.
Danielle and Tiffany Glamour

(Hildebrand Photography) black dress blonde glamour glamour by dawn glamour photography natural curls portraits red head seattle glamour white sweater https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/11/Danielle-and-Tiffany-Glamour Wed, 04 Nov 2015 15:26:50 GMT
Kelly & Josh Highlight Video https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/11/Kelly-Josh-Highlight-Video Rock Creek Gardens Wedding
Kelly & Josh Highlight Video

Kelly & Josh Highlight Video from brandon hildebrand on Vimeo.

(Hildebrand Photography) garden wedding rock creek gardens rock creek wedding wedding wedding video https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/11/Kelly-Josh-Highlight-Video Mon, 02 Nov 2015 23:56:16 GMT
We’ve been published in Shutter magazine! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/11/We-ve-been-published-in-Shutter-magazine Today we opened our email and saw this message:

Congratulations on having your images featured in this month’s Inspirations section of Shutter Magazine!

Pretty cool, huh?

We are pleased to say that Hildebrand Photography has been published once again. This time in the print version of Shutter Magazine. Shutter magazine is a world wide magazine written by and for photographers. Shutter magazine exploded on to the scene 2 years ago as the go-to resource for business education. It’s an honor to be recognized by our peers.


(Hildebrand Photography) photographer magazine print magazine sal cincotta we've been published in shutter magazine! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/11/We-ve-been-published-in-Shutter-magazine Sun, 01 Nov 2015 23:46:57 GMT
Incredible 3-D like metal print triptych https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/10/Incredible-3-D-like-metal-print-triptych How super cool would it be to have a triptych on your wall?!
You would say, “Yes, please! Wait, what is it?”
In the photography world a triptych is a 3-up of one photo, but in three separate pieces. This one of Stacie and Mitch is gorgeous, and is an impressive piece to display in their home. The one shown here is a print on sheet metal which gives it a 3-D-like depth when observed, and our clients love them. When we display metal prints in our studio, they definitely attract the most attention.

Incredible 3-D-like metal triptych


(Hildebrand Photography) products https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/10/Incredible-3-D-like-metal-print-triptych Thu, 29 Oct 2015 17:22:37 GMT
Alyssa’s Glamour Session 9-up https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/10/Alyssa-s-Glamour-Session-9-up

Alyssa’s Glamour Session 9-up
We checked in to the Davenport Hotel in Spokane and upgraded to the penthouse suite. The place was huge! Spacious, modern elegance, with a bar, 2 bathrooms, a breakfast nook, living room with a fireplace and a master bedroom I could run laps in! It’s funny how much atmosphere adds to the experience. Alyssa met us there and brought loads of outfits. We brought loads of our photography gear. It was great to see her again. We have photographed her and her husband, Kyle, many times. This was a secret photo session for him so no Kyle this time. (We’ll catch ya next time buddy! 😉1f609 We were completely inspired by all of the colors and textures in the furniture, chaise lounge, curtains, mirrors, 9’tall shiny, black double doors, view out the picture window to Spokane. We were so lucky to have such a beautiful, photogenic model. At one point Alyssa made us laugh so hard we were doubled over. She was talking about one thing and we thought she was talking about another. Once we realized what had happened we all cracked up!
The photos in this portion of the shoot are set in a 16×24″ frame with a custom cut one-piece matte and 9 4×6″ images in it. This is just one of the special items we sell in our studio.

Be sure to “like” Glamour by Dawn on Facebook for more glamour images. https://www.facebook.com/GlamourByDawn?ref=hl

Here’s a kid version of our 9-up shown in our blog. http://www.hildebrandphotoblog.com/cutekidsfuntimes/
Wouldn’t one of these look great on your wall?

(Hildebrand Photography) framed photos glamour photography portraits products seattle glamour studio shoot https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/10/Alyssa-s-Glamour-Session-9-up Tue, 20 Oct 2015 17:09:37 GMT
Our very own meeting space https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/10/Our-very-own-meeting-space Hildebrand Photography Office

We are proud to announce that we now have our very own meeting space! So long coffee shops! No more carting stacks of heavy, valuable wedding albums while walking through parking lots and down rainy streets. We now have this nice, cozy meeting space. It’s full of light & private. There’s plenty of parking and we are conveniently located one block from Redmond Town Center in downtown Redmond.

We have many of our wall portraits displayed to give you ideas of exactly what you want on your own walls. There’s a mini fridge stocked full of all sorts of goodies, warm electric fireplace, and a very comfy couch…you should come try it out. You may not want to leave!

From our new office we can have new client meetings, pre-photo session consultations, teach photography classes, have Seattle PUG (photography users group) meetings and do our famous Red-carpet Premiers of your beautiful photos so you can see them for the first time on a big screen television. It’s our way of rolling out the red carpet for our clients.

We are delighted to offer such a beautiful space to our clients as part of their photography experience and can’t wait to see you here!

(Hildebrand Photography) a day in the life of a photographer for photographers https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/10/Our-very-own-meeting-space Tue, 20 Oct 2015 09:52:00 GMT
We are offering our first Mini Sessions https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/10/We-are-offering-our-first-Mini-Sessions Now that we have a studio which we have doubled in size to include a shooting space we are proud to be offering our first Mini Sessions! We have had numerous requests for these and are happy to offer them. With the weather getting colder and wetter plus Daylight Savings Time quickly approaching we are grateful to have a warm & dry studio with gorgeous lighting provided by us…not mother nature who can be fickle with her clouds, no clouds scenarios. In our flyer are perfect examples of why we love studios. These photos are not only gorgeously lit but everyone in them is dry!
So, contact us today to schedule your mini session. They are a limited time and limited amount of shoots available. We can’t wait to see you and your loved ones in our studio!!


(Hildebrand Photography) family photos family sessions mini sessions studio photography https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/10/We-are-offering-our-first-Mini-Sessions Sun, 18 Oct 2015 01:04:49 GMT
Family photo session Christine, Jason and their two little cutie pies. https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/10/Family-photo-session-Christine-Jason-and-their-two-little-cutie-pies Christine, Jason and their two little cutie pies flew in to Seattle from Texas for this photo shoot. They re-enacted their engagement session from before their wedding. We thought it was so sentimental and romantic that we couldn’t wait to do their photo session. Then, the icing on the cake is that they have two adorable little children for us to play with during the photo session…er, I mean take photos of. 😉1f609
So, lucky us, this is the perfect combination of an engagement session and family portraits…two of our favorite things to photograph!
Call us so we can schedule your family photo session. Tis the season right now so you have photos to share with family when those big holiday come!






(Hildebrand Photography) emp engagement session family photo session family photos seattle family photos https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/10/Family-photo-session-Christine-Jason-and-their-two-little-cutie-pies Sat, 17 Oct 2015 13:58:22 GMT
Laurel Creek Manor Wedding Jill & Tim https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/9/Laurel-Creek-Manor-Wedding-Jill-Tim Here’s a sneak peek of Laurel Creek Manor Wedding Jill & Tim. Overwhelming joy is what comes to mind when I think of these two. They love each other so much and we are always laughing and having fun when we are with them. Their wedding was a blast. Full blog coming soon!

Event Designer Celise Callahan Event and Wedding Design
206 715 0518
[email protected]

Caterer Act 3 Catering
425 251-9102
[email protected]

Florist Blitz Floral
253 572-2327
[email protected]

Cake Artist Corina Bakery
253 627-5070

Officiant Wedding Priest Tacoma
[email protected]

Hair & Makeup Stylist Daniel Ross Salon

Musician/DJ Sounds Unlimited
[email protected]

Venue Laurel Creek Manor
253 826-6306
[email protected]

Videographer Hildebrand Photography

(Hildebrand Photography) laurel creek manor wedding wedding wedding & event vendors https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/9/Laurel-Creek-Manor-Wedding-Jill-Tim Tue, 08 Sep 2015 10:48:55 GMT
All of our clients love our guest sign-in books https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/9/All-of-our-clients-love-our-guest-sign-in-books aaaaaaaa(pp_w768_h512)

All of our clients love our guest sign-in books. Wouldn’t it be fun to have an heirloom item that is full of wishes and greetings from all of your guests as well as photos from your engagement session. Just put it on the guest table so guests can sign it as they walk in to your wedding. It’s fun to bring it to the gift opening breakfast the next morning to get more signatures from family as well as share the thoughtful messages guests wrote.

These books are press printed, thick pages. They’re lay-flat pages so no images are lost in the gutter & it’s easier for guests to sign your album without the pages flipping shut. The leather back and spine cover is supple, high quality. Personalize the front cover with a photo from your engagement session.

I recommend the 10×10 size with 10 photos and 10 guest sign-in pages. I will design it, order it and have it delivered directly to you. All you have to do is choose 10 photos and the back cover color. They’re really beautiful and high quality. You can stop by our studio to see the sample guest book we have there.


(Hildebrand Photography) keep sake items https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/9/All-of-our-clients-love-our-guest-sign-in-books Mon, 07 Sep 2015 09:43:25 GMT
DJ Kryspin rocked it out at Tatiana and Ari’s MV Skansonia Ferry wedding! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/9/DJ-Kryspin-rocked-it-out-at-Tatiana-and-Ari-s-MV-Skansonia-Ferry-wedding DJ Kryspin rocked it out at Tatiana and Ari’s MV Skansonia Ferry wedding! I have heard the work of hundreds of DJ’s since I started shooting weddings and events years ago. DJ Kryspin is now on the top of my list. He is incredible! Everyone was dancing and cheering all night to his beats. The night was seamless. We barely talked to him all night but he was super easy to work with which makes our job immensely easier when it comes to the reception portion of the wedding. If nobody is dancing and smiling then what do we take photos of, right?

He plays at clubs all over Seattle. Check out his schedule on his website. Go listen to him, dance like crazy then hire him for your next event but only if you hire Hildebrand Photography because I want to listen to his music again!




(Hildebrand Photography) dj kryspin hildebrand photography mv skansonia ferry wedding seattle wedding wedding & event vendors https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/9/DJ-Kryspin-rocked-it-out-at-Tatiana-and-Ari-s-MV-Skansonia-Ferry-wedding Mon, 07 Sep 2015 08:54:01 GMT
Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Missy & Michael! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/9/Happy-1st-Wedding-Anniversary-Missy-Michael Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Missy & Michael!

Your Trinity Tree Farm Wedding was loaded with laughter, love and celebration. We will never forget it!

Dawn and Brandon



(Hildebrand Photography) issaquah tree farm issaquah wedding tree farm trinity tree farm wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/9/Happy-1st-Wedding-Anniversary-Missy-Michael Sun, 06 Sep 2015 00:32:40 GMT
Discovery Park wedding Nick & Lauren, a glorious day! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/9/Discovery-Park-wedding-Nick-Lauren-a-glorious-day    



(Hildebrand Photography) https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/9/Discovery-Park-wedding-Nick-Lauren-a-glorious-day Sat, 05 Sep 2015 16:04:03 GMT
Truly Fine Art Images by Hildebrand Photography https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/9/Truly-Fine-Art-Images-by-Hildebrand-Photography

What is truly Fine Art Images by Hildebrand Photography?
This post is an example of the art we do above and beyond capturing a beautiful photo. Shown here is the same photo with three completely different end results. This wedding was in Virginia with the background of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains.

This is the perfect example of major differences editing can make:
*The first photo is a great photo.
*The second one is dramatic and bold and has an edgy flair.
*The third one ads another dimension, full of warmth and brings in that artistic flair.

It’s this attention to detail and professional editing that allow us to deliver incredible, jaw-dropping images from your wedding day. It’s one of the ways in which we stand out from the rest.

Hildebrand Photography is known for Fine Art Images. We have actually had people at expos walk up to our booth ASKING to buy the photos we have displayed there. They do not know the people in the photo, they just love it as art!

We take photos from your wedding and make them high quality, high attention to details, one-of-a-kind art to hang on your wall. We are about the quality art. These are to be treated as a family heirloom and passed down through the generations. We recommend having them printed in a large format such as 24×36 or larger on metal to make the image a focal point in your home.

(Hildebrand Photography) before and afters fine art images fine art photography truly fine art images by hildebrand photography https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/9/Truly-Fine-Art-Images-by-Hildebrand-Photography Wed, 02 Sep 2015 10:02:43 GMT
SubZero Ice Cream and Yogurt https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/9/SubZero-Ice-Cream-and-Yogurt SubZero Ice Cream and Yogurt

These guys are the best! Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt uses cryogenics to instantly freeze fresh, custom-made ice cream and yogurt. SubZero Ice Cream and Yogurt will come to your event and no only serve delicious ice cream & frozen yogurt but make it for you right there on the spot. They do not make your frozen treat until you order it! That’s right! There’s a list of custom flavors from S’mores to Blackberry to Fudge Brownie and more. You choose which flavor you want, they add the ingredients to a metal bowl, blast it with cold air, mix, blast, mix. Add a spoon and viola you have a tasty treat! It’s such a cool invention (no pun intended). They’re always a big hit at the weddings and birthday parties that I’ve been to. There are several locations including Bonney Lake & Puyallup.

Check them out:
Puyallup: [email protected]
Bonney Lake: (253) 219-2218




(Hildebrand Photography) subzero ice cream and yogurt wedding & event vendors https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/9/SubZero-Ice-Cream-and-Yogurt Wed, 02 Sep 2015 09:55:49 GMT
Sultan High School Cory Senior Photos https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/9/Sultan-High-School-Cory-Senior-Photos dawn_brandon_cory shootdawn_brandondawn_brandon cory

Here we are with Cory taking his senior photos. He’s a junior at Sultan High School. This is his favorite spot in the woods. It’s incredible up here. I couldn’t find this place again if I tried. We were outside a town called Sultan, WA. I know you probably haven’t heard of it but it’s beautiful out there. We drove past many farms with wide open spaces, cows, mountains, fields, dilapidated barns then onto a long and windy gravel road and finally to this place where the river runs ice cold from the mountains carving grooves into the rocks like fine art sculptor. The water was so low that we could see all the grooves and rounded stone bowls created from whirlpools carved over the years. I can easily see why Cory loves it here so much. I love that being a photographer takes us into places found sacred by others. Places we would never find on our own. It seems funny to drive only a short distance from the hustle and bustle of the city to find serenity like this. It’s a reminder to get out there more often and explore. I was in photographer heaven surrounded by trees, bridges, streams, boulders, barns. I could have gotten lost in photography all day out there.

We did focus though and stay on task. His shoot was the perfect mix of indoor candid and posed then outdoor city and nature. We can’t post the photos from his shoot yet but when we do you I’ll tell even more stories about the day and how we got the shots.

Ooh, I think I just decided to start a new category on our blog called “how we got the shot”. This will be fun!
Sultan High School Cory Senior Photos

(Hildebrand Photography) a day in the life of a photographer senior photos sultan high school https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/9/Sultan-High-School-Cory-Senior-Photos Tue, 01 Sep 2015 11:30:53 GMT
Joanna and Charlie Mill Creek CC https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/7/Joanna-and-Charlie-Mill-Creek-CC Joanna and Charlie Mill Creek CC
2015-07-29_00012015-07-29_0001(pp_w768_h6783) 2015-07-29_00022015-07-29_0002(pp_w768_h1023) 2015-07-29_00032015-07-29_0003(pp_w768_h4093) 2015-07-29_00042015-07-29_0004(pp_w768_h3172) 2015-07-29_00052015-07-29_0005(pp_w768_h511) 2015-07-29_00062015-07-29_00072015-07-29_0008

Thank you to all the vendors who made this day so incredible!

Mill Creek Country Club
(206) 914-1735

Rachel from Shimmer Airbrushing
(425) 503-8346

The Woodmark Hotel

Charlene from Bluebird Salon
(425) 232-3188

Sol of Energia Events
(206) 679-1777

Seattle Party Bus
(206) 914-3560

Flowers by Tiffany
(206) 914-1735

Josh Hoover of Triple J Music Services
(206) 300-2627

Mike’s Amazing Cakes
(425) 869-2992

Eternal Knot Weddings
(425) 417-0617

Pastor Jay Kelly

(Hildebrand Photography) bluebird salon bothell wedding deru market eternal knot weddings flowers by tiffany mikes amazing cakes mill creek country club pastor jay kelly seattle party bus shimmer airbrushing sol of energia events wedding woodmark hotel https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/7/Joanna-and-Charlie-Mill-Creek-CC Wed, 29 Jul 2015 19:32:19 GMT
This is so Brandon and I! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/7/This-is-so-Brandon-and-I fries
This is so Brandon and I!
After all of these years of marriage he knows me so well. We spend almost every hour of every day together. When he is hungry I had better eat too because we are so in synch that I’m probably hungry too but just don’t know it yet.

Before most big shoots we stop for food. I go with vegetables or nothing trying to be healthy because I probably just had a smoothie at home. My smoothies usually consist of chia seeds, beets, wheat germ, green apple, lemon, an egg and sometimes coconut water. He orders sometimes healthy but mostly whatever he wants. When I met him he use to eat biscuits and gravy. (Oh my gosh, who does that?!) I put up such a fuss over that I think he has only eaten that twice since we met unless he’s a closet biscuits and gravy eater which our dog would have figured out by now and ratted on him to me.

I’m totally ok with my order until I see him yummy, greasy, salty, comfort food sitting just inches away from mine. He knows he cannot leave me alone with his food. He’s not super happy about sharing food but will always give in to me. What would I do without him? If I say I’m not hungry he orders food for me anyway and I’m always thankful he does. I’m blessed to have found someone who takes such good care of me. Sometimes when you’re on the road you just need calories. Now I just need to get him to drink my smoothies.

Here’s our typical wedding day meals:

breakfast: big glass of water & protein and carb combo ie. egg, berries or banana and toast, peanut butter and toast, oatmeal and an egg and definitely coffee but not too much because we can’t burn out right away.

lunch on the way to the wedding: hamburger with salad or fries

in the parking lot while gearing up: coconut water 16oz each, 2 hour energy shot

after ceremony: another big glass of water

dinner: generously offered by client: usually salmon, vegetables and potatoes but not very much because we take short dinner breaks and need to be able to keep moving.

once home: cereal or yogurt and more water

Be sure to treat yourself well while shooting a wedding. Eat balanced meals and/or snacks, hydrate, bring band aids for feet, keep a close eye on the schedule so you know when you can take small rests and be sure to smile as often as possible because it makes you feel good and oh my gosh, how good does it feel to be in our element doing what we love?!

(Hildebrand Photography) a day in the life of a photographer brandon and dawn hildebrand hildebrand photography https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/7/This-is-so-Brandon-and-I Wed, 29 Jul 2015 10:03:19 GMT
Brandon and Dawn Hildebrand https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/7/Brandon-and-Dawn-Hildebrand 2015-07-28_0003
Brandon and Dawn Hildebrand

Our 2nd shooter, Frances, is nice enough to take a second out of her busy shooting time at all of our events to sneak a few photos of us. Here are a few.

1. There’s Brandon on the top of a stone tower on Mt. Moran on Orcas Island. He looks like Rapunzel, huh? 🙂1f642
We were dressed more casual than usual since it was an engagement shoot. The tower was once home to a guy who looked out for forest fires from his tall roost. It’s not at all cozy but for sure beautiful. We had lots of fun bouncing dramatic lighting off the stone walls inside to create dramatic images of Adri and Nick. I can’t wait to share those photos on our blog!

2. Mount Baker in the background. Brandon doing off camera lighting over my head while I’m shooting a photo of Adri and Nick in front of the tower. Destination weddings are so much fun with all the new sights and gorgeous views, great adventures!

3. A crazy group of ladies having loads of fun at Colette’s bachelorette party in a park in downtown Tacoma. This was their interpretation of a sun and Colette was at the center in the fetal position laughing so hard she could hardly stand up afterwards.

4 & 5. Brandon and I shooting Colette and Ravi’s wedding in Tacoma. This mural is on the back wall of a Buddhist Temple, so artistic and colorful!

6. Me at Adri and Nick’s reception. I do not remember this photo happening. I’m sure I was tricked into it. Frances probably said, “let me test my levels, smile!”

(Hildebrand Photography) a day in the life of a photographer brandon hildebrand dawn dawn hildebrand destination wedding photographers hildebrand photography moran state park mt. moran orcas island tower seattle wedding photographers tacoma wedding photographers https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/7/Brandon-and-Dawn-Hildebrand Tue, 28 Jul 2015 18:06:02 GMT
Two weddings, the two of us, one weekend https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/7/Two-weddings-the-two-of-us-one-weekend Hey, that was a fun wedding last night. Let’s do it again today!
We had an Indian/American wedding last night (I cannot wait to share stories about Colette and Ravi’s wedding) and today we are off to a Korean engagement party. I’m reviewing all the traditional steps involved in a Korean ceremony from the giving of the red gifts to the tea offering. It’s going to be great!

(Hildebrand Photography) https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/7/Two-weddings-the-two-of-us-one-weekend Sun, 26 Jul 2015 09:58:26 GMT
Skansonia and Seattle Glass Museum Wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/7/Skansonia-and-Seattle-Glass-Museum-Wedding Skansonia and Seattle Glass Museum Wedding

Many thanks to Katrina Allen of Love Blooms for her artistic talents in making their wedding day special. www.lovebloomseventdesign.com and to
Skansonia Ferry for always being professional in running your one of a kind wedding venue.
http://www.skansonia.com/ and to
Chihuly Garden and Glass Seattle http://www.chihulygardenandglass.com/ for letting us rock out some fun drama photos before the wedding.

(Hildebrand Photography) chihuly garden and glass seattle gold bridesmaid dress grey and gold wedding grey suits jewish jewish wedding lake union wedding love blooms events design mv skansonia ferry seattle center seattle glass museum and emp wedding party wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/7/Skansonia-and-Seattle-Glass-Museum-Wedding Thu, 23 Jul 2015 22:08:48 GMT
Salish Lodge Wedding Elopement https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/6/Salish-Lodge-Wedding-Elopement Heather and Jedediah are incredible. For starters look at her incredible black wedding dress! Everyone we saw at Snoqualmie Falls that day ooh’d and aah’d over her dress. I love that she strayed away from the traditional white, ivory, blush and went completely unique with the elegant black, stunning! Jedediah’s top had was so fun and even had a cane to match! He worked it with the tipping of the hat and peaking out mysteriously from under the brim.
Everything from their Twin Peaks themed cake, chevron print rain boots and umbrella (just in case), vibrant blue roses and her feather hair piece were completely unique to them and showed off their colorful personalities. Heather’s shoes were custom decorated by an artist on Etsy. His cousin was in attendance, they brought their closest friend in to officiate and one of the Salish employees, Courtney Ford, Executive Office Coordinator even stayed as a guest during the ceremony.
It was everything Heather and Jedediah dreamed of, quaint, intimate, fun, unique and definitely romantic.
Cheers to the beautiful couple and their lifetime of adventure that awaits!

I asked them to choose around 30 photos for their wedding album and they said they could only narrow it down to 167.
“I was not able to pick just 30, they are all so beautiful.” -Heather
So, here is the final result of their wedding album. Here’s what they emailed to us today about their album. “We received the album today, it turned out amazing!! We both love it and can’t wait to show it off!” -Heather and Jedediah

 001-002(pp_w768_h281) 003-004005-006007-008009-010011-012013-014015-016017-018021-022023-024027-028

(Hildebrand Photography) black wedding dress black wedding gown chevron boots elopement salish salish lodge snoqualmie falls snoqualmie falls wedding top hat twin peaks wedding album wedding albums https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/6/Salish-Lodge-Wedding-Elopement Thu, 25 Jun 2015 02:03:57 GMT
Nick and Lauren Seattle Engagement Session https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/6/Nick-and-Lauren-Seattle-Engagement-Session 2015-06-24_00012015-06-24_00022015-06-24_00032015-06-24_00042015-06-24_00052015-06-24_00062015-06-24_00072015-06-24_0008

Nick and I have known each other since 3rd grade. I don’t remember exactly how we met, but I do recall that I thought he was the cutest boy at our school. We dated for the first time in 5th grade, as most elementary relationships do-it ended pretty quickly, but we knew even then that there was something special about each other. We were close friends throughout elementary and middle school and dated again our sophomore year of high school. We decided to go our separate ways however when we both began to attend college, and never really thought we would see each other again. A few years later I got a message from Nick-we began to hang out again, and have been inseparable ever since. It feels like something that has always been meant to be for us, and we can’t wait to begin our lives as a married couple!

The Proposal:
When I was in elementary school I always had a big crush on Nick. As lots of little girls do; I used to practice writing my name with his last name: Lauren La Haye. My family vacationed every year at The Breakers in Long Beach, WA; and I would use my finger to draw Lauren La Haye in the hard sand by the breaking waves.
Nick remembered me telling him that story, and wanted to make our proposal very meaningful. He wrote “Will You Marry Me?” in the sand in the exact spot that i used to practice writing his last name as my surname. He got down on one knee, (with our dachshund right at his side-supervising), and asked me to be his wife.
My heart absolutely exploded with happiness and it was like the whole world slowed down, like everything-the crashing waves, the gulls, all existed just for us in that perfect moment.
I said yes of course. 🙂1f642 We feel so blessed to have each other, we are truly soul mates.

Hair and make up by:
Kathy Evans Beauty Studio
138 Central Way, Kirkland, WA 98033
Phone:(425) 822-0600

(Hildebrand Photography) engagement session/how they met seattle engagement session summer engagement https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/6/Nick-and-Lauren-Seattle-Engagement-Session Wed, 24 Jun 2015 21:16:19 GMT
Stunning Seattle Engagement Session https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/5/Stunning-Seattle-Engagement-Session We met Lauren and Nick in downtown Seattle for their engagement shoot. They were instantly happy, relaxed, excited, and so comfortable with each other and had no worries about the camera. (I think they’re both experienced models undercover ;). It was a beautiful sunny day which is wonderful although a bit of a challenge for a photographer to combat those harsh shadows. It didn’t matter a bit though. We found a hidden little oasis that was a water fountain in a parking lot of all places. It was lovely! To get this shot I scooped up a handful of water about 4′ away from Brandon’s camera and let it fall in silver drops. He clicked like crazy knowing that water droplets can be problematic in photos depending on where they fall when you shoot. We were able to capture this amazing shot that we are completely thrilled with.
We had so much fun that day. We found even more areas we had never discovered before and came out with outstanding photos to share with Lauren and Nick.
Here’s what they had to say about the day.

Hey Dawn and Brandon!
We signed our contract this morning, and wanted to thank you again for such a WONDERFUL experience. We will never forget it. The picture on your blog STUNNED ME, we have NEVER looked that good!!!! And how awesome was that water droplet technique?! We love your creativity!
Hope you have a wonderful week!
Lauren and Nick

We love engagement sessions and all of the happy, fun-loving couples we attract into our lives. Thank you Lauren and Nick for such a wonderful day!


(Hildebrand Photography) engagement session/how they met stunning seattle engagement session https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/5/Stunning-Seattle-Engagement-Session Mon, 11 May 2015 17:47:00 GMT
Point-defiance-park Engagement Session https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/5/Point-defiance-park-Engagement-Session 2015-04-23_00062015-04-23_00072015-04-23_00092015-04-23_00102015-04-23_00012015-04-23_00022015-04-23_00032015-04-23_00042015-04-23_0004a2015-04-23_00052015-04-23_0012

(Hildebrand Photography) engagement session/how they met hildebrand photography point-defiance-park engagement session seattle beach seattle wedding photographer spring photo session tacoma tacoma engagement https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/5/Point-defiance-park-Engagement-Session Sun, 03 May 2015 10:29:52 GMT
Molly and Kyle Seattle Engagement Session https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/4/Molly-and-Kyle-Seattle-Engagement-Session How did you meet?

Kyle and I actually come from families who are friends. His parents have known my parents for over 20 years. Kyle and I reconnected working together at his family’s company. I worked in HR and Kyle worked in the warehouse. Kyle needed help on a project in the warehouse, and we worked together for 2 days, 10-11 hour days. After that we were dating. Unfortunately, my dad passed away when Kyle and I had only been together for a month. I told, you’re in or you’re out, and he was in. He was my rock and I think we both decided going through that trauma that even though we aren’t particularly touchy or feely people, we need each other.

When Kyle proposed, he told me we should open gifts. Kyle brought out a large box. As I unwrapped the box, I saw it was for a toaster oven. I was disappointed, but Kyle encouraged me to open it. So I opened the toaster box to find another wrapped gift inside with a note that said ‘you didn’t think it’d be that easy?’. So I unwrapped the second box to find table linens box. I opened that box to find a third wrapped box, this note saying ‘sorry, it’s not a house or a puppy’. Unwrapping and opening the third box, a note came out that said ‘you are my greatest and most expensive asset’, leaving a fourth and very heavy box. As I unwrapped the final box, I turned and said “If you got me quarters…” but inside that box said ‘I have just one question’ and a bunch of marbles and Kyle was holding the perfect ring and asked me to marry him.

We aren’t the most exciting couple, or the most outwardly affectionate people, but we get each other.


(Hildebrand Photography) engagement engagement session engagement session/how they met hildebrnad photography sculpture park seattle engagement seattle wedding photographers https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/4/Molly-and-Kyle-Seattle-Engagement-Session Fri, 17 Apr 2015 14:55:36 GMT
Editing a favorite wedding photo https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/3/Editing-a-favorite-wedding-photo Editing a favorite wedding photo

Will post the final version once complete.

(Hildebrand Photography) wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/3/Editing-a-favorite-wedding-photo Wed, 04 Mar 2015 19:43:33 GMT
Dawn and Brandon About Us https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/1/Dawn-and-Brandon-About-Us Dawn and Brandon have been international wedding photographers for 8 years. They pride themselves on their artistic ability to capture and create breathtaking images of your spectacular day that you will cherish forever.
They are always challenging themselves to take that next image that makes you gasp. They know your wedding day means everything to you, your friends and your family. They will capture emotional moments of joy, laughter, praise and warmth from your day from the glint of pride in your dads eyes when he sees you in your wedding gown for the first time, to your best friend getting emotional during the toasts and the best man doing a victory lap from catching the garter. Dawn and Brandon love weddings and know yours will be incredible.
The Hildebrand Photography wedding album will be your first family heirloom it will be filled with beautiful images of your wedding…showing the true meaning of marriage; love, commitment and happiness. Be sure to have your best memories captured and preserved perfectly by hiring the best…
hire Hildebrand Photography.

(Hildebrand Photography) dawn and brandon about us hildebrand photography wedding wedding photographers https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/1/Dawn-and-Brandon-About-Us Fri, 09 Jan 2015 11:54:41 GMT
Our gifts to you at the Seattle Wedding Show https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/1/Our-gifts-to-you-at-the-Seattle-Wedding-Show Gift #1 Movie poster
Book us at the Seattle Wedding Show and receive your very own movie poster customized for you! (a $100 value).
That’s right, it’s a move poster starring you and your fiancé compliments of Hildebrand Photography.

Gift #2 Guest Sign-in book
You will also receive a guest sign-in book compliments of us (a $300 value). This book is the highest quality. Very soft leather with thick lay-flat pages. Everyone who sees this books wants one of their own, everyone.

Be ready to choose us as your photographers while you’re at the show so you can receive these two gifts.
Be sure to have your best memories captured and preserved perfectly by hiring the best…hire Hildebrand Photography.

(Hildebrand Photography) seattle wedding photographers seattle wedding show wedding wedding photographers wedding photography https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/1/Our-gifts-to-you-at-the-Seattle-Wedding-Show Fri, 09 Jan 2015 11:37:05 GMT
It’s a family business https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/1/It-s-a-family-business Our sweet daughter packed a picnic that the kids and I are enjoying in the car while Brandon does all the heavy lifting of loading the gear into our Seattle Wedding Show booth. I got the easy job. I lucked out. I’m happy to eat gold fish crackers out of a heart shaped red mug and drink juice from a box with my kiddos. Although I really would like to be helping him build our booth too.
Our kids call our expo booth “our little store”. 🙂1f642
We can’t wait for the Seattle Wedding Show!

(Hildebrand Photography) https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/1/It-s-a-family-business Thu, 08 Jan 2015 18:35:57 GMT
Save the Date Cards https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/1/Save-the-Date-Cards What a nice, unexpected treat to find this in our mail box today! It’s Jill and Tim’s wedding Save the date card. I cropped out the date for their privacy sake but even cropped it still looks pretty. It’s a magnet and it’ll live on our fridge for a long time.
We can’t wait for their big day!

(Hildebrand Photography) https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/1/Save-the-Date-Cards Thu, 08 Jan 2015 18:18:36 GMT
Our Flyer for the Seattle Wedding Show https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/1/Our-Flyer-for-the-Seattle-Wedding-Show Our Flyer for the Seattle Wedding Show
Choosing our very best work to display on a 6×11″ space was not easy. We have 10s of thousands of photos and I had to narrow it down to…nine. Four horizontal and 4 vertical, all with the mood that matches us, colors that flow with each other on a page, no duplicate weddings, yes different locations and ones that both Brandon and I agree on. It’s exactly like a puzzle. After much consideration we chose these photos and are very proud to have these impressive (if I do say so myself) flyers to give to hundreds of engaged couples this weekend.
Yes, these are for the Seattle Wedding Show this weekend! We are so excited to meet potential clients this weekend.
Be sure to take the show in stride. Yes, it’s huge and there’s a lot to see but if you narrow it down to your favorites, like Hildebrand Photography, and just enjoy the sights you’ll do just fine. Come say hello and find out what we are offering special for the show!
See you there!

(Hildebrand Photography) artistic wedding seattle wedding show wedding wedding photos https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/1/Our-Flyer-for-the-Seattle-Wedding-Show Thu, 08 Jan 2015 15:59:57 GMT
Salish Lodge Summer Wedding Album https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/1/Salish-Lodge-Summer-Wedding-Album Salish Lodge Summer Wedding Album
Our gorgeous hand-stitched, custom made albums designed in a castle in Italy tell the story of your day, quite eloquently too.

(Hildebrand Photography) photo book salish salish lodge summer wedding album snoqualmie falls waterfall wedding wedding album wedding albums wedding book wedding story https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/1/Salish-Lodge-Summer-Wedding-Album Wed, 07 Jan 2015 21:37:13 GMT
Seattle Wedding Show https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/1/Seattle-Wedding-Show Tell your engaged friends about the Seattle Wedding Show coming up this weekend.
It only happens once a year so don’t miss it!


Saturday January 10th, 2015
10:00am to 5:30pm (Tickets sales at the show open at 9:30am)

Sunday January 11th, 2015
10:30am to 5:00pm (Tickets sales at the show open at 10:00am)

Hildebrand Photography can be found at booth number 1312. Come say hello!

Kids 12 and Under are Free
Come to the show Saturday, get your hand stamped on the way out, and come back Sunday for FREE.

Seattle Wedding Show features more than 400 local, regional and national vendors, including event facilities, bakeries, bridal boutiques, caterers, disc jockeys, florists, jewelers, photographers, transportation providers, wedding consultants, and much more!

Classic and contemporary bridal gowns, tuxedos, bridesmaid and mother-of-the-bride dresses will be on display at fashion shows held throughout the event.

(Hildebrand Photography) expo seattle convention center seattle wedding show wedding wedding show https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/1/Seattle-Wedding-Show Sun, 04 Jan 2015 19:59:44 GMT
Stephanie and Troy’s Fauntleroy Church Wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/1/Stephanie-and-Troy-s-Fauntleroy-Church-Wedding Stephanie and Troy’s Fauntleroy Church Wedding

Stephanie and Troy’s beautiful red and white wedding at Fauntleroy Church and Palisades Restaurant.
What a beautiful day full of tradition, loved ones and wonderful memories. I can’t wait to post more photos of their day. There are so many heartfelt stories to tell of traditions, dancing, tears of joy and laughter. I promise I will post more soon!

(Hildebrand Photography) fauntleroy fauntleroy church wedding palisades seattle wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2015/1/Stephanie-and-Troy-s-Fauntleroy-Church-Wedding Thu, 01 Jan 2015 17:39:34 GMT
Katie and Sam’s wedding album https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Katie-and-Sam-s-wedding-album Katie and Sam’s wedding album

Their album turned out incredible! They chose a burgundy leather cover with a crystal glance insert and if that wasn’t gorgeous enough they had metallic paper which gave each page a real pop, like a 3-D effect, completely gorgeous from page to page! We were very proud to hand their albums over to them.

The album company we use is incredible. We have used them our whole career with confidence that they’ll produce a fabulous album suitable to be your first family heirloom to be passed down through generations.

Here’s how they describe their albums:
Flush mount albums with attitude! Exquisite quality combined with fabulous leathers with gorgeous cover options. Move away from the ordinary into the Extraordinary. YOU choose the spine and page style. Leather, silk, metal, woven, maple and more that range from quality basics to the hottest looks around.

We love albums and are always so excited to create them and deliver them to our clients with pride.

(Hildebrand Photography) album family heirloom photo book wedding wedding album wedding book wedding heirloom https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Katie-and-Sam-s-wedding-album Fri, 26 Dec 2014 14:00:36 GMT
Jenny and Rob December Wedding in Blue and Grey https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Jenny-and-Rob-December-Wedding-in-Blue-and-Grey 2014-12-23_0001Jenny and Rob December Wedding in Blue and Grey

Here’s a preview of Jenny and Rob’s wedding! We will post the rest of their photos soon.

Their wedding was so much fun! She said all sorts of things went wrong but nobody noticed. Everything was perfect and beautiful and everyone had so much fun! The weather was perfect, the bridesmaids matching grey knit mittens were much needed in the chilly weather and the umbrellas, although not needed, were pretty and made for fun photos with the girls! Their dresses were a very deep blue which looks great with the grey tuxedos. The men wore tennis shoes and everyone had very pretty winter white flowers.
Jenny was completely prepared for everything which really held the day together. Rob, the groom, was even sick but you wouldn’t know it when the two of them were together his eyes lit up and everything else in his world washed away. They perfectly compliment each other. Jenny and Rob we are glad to know you both and are honored to share such a big day with you both. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness together!

(Hildebrand Photography) babies breath brides hair blue bridesmaid dresses blue wedding dark blue december wedding december wedding in blue and grey fur bride grey tuxedos grey wedding midnight blue navy blue pearls wedding white flowers winter wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Jenny-and-Rob-December-Wedding-in-Blue-and-Grey Tue, 23 Dec 2014 14:48:30 GMT
The Secrets of Body Language in Business https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/The-Secrets-of-Body-Language-in-Business Kerstin O'Shields The Secrets of Body Language in Business

Today I had the honor of capturing video of my good friend, Kerstin O’Shields. She’s an amazing person. She is very warm, personable, outgoing, friendly, intelligent, patient, happy. This is the type of person that I would like to teach me presence. Because isn’t our success based on presence? No matter who you are if you are trying to attract a new job, new clients or a new relationship isn’t it all about how you are perceived? You want to come across confident, eloquent, personable & intelligent. Kerstin can teach you these skills in her 8 Week Workshop Series on The Secrets of Body Language in Business. (Read more about her workshop below.)

Here is a little more about my talented friend:

Kerstin O’Shields

Executive Presentation Coach, Speaker, and Private Vocal Instructor

Kerstin O’Shields is an Executive Presentation Coach, Speaker, and Private Voice Teacher in the Seattle and Greater Puget Sounds Area for over 18 years. Kerstin specializes in framing the masterpiece of each person’s message and business by enhancing nonverbal communication with body posture, body gesturing, facial expressions, and clarifying physical speech.

She has enjoyed multiple speaking engagements focusing on the ingrained connection of physical presentation to increase the ability to create meaningful connections and an increase in business. She is also a performing soprano that has performed in numerous operas, musical productions, and benefit concerts.

Check out her 8 Week Workshop Series here:

The Secrets of Body Language in Business 8 Week Workshop Series

Unlock the Secrets of Body Language in Business with Kerstin O’Shields! Renew your business and revolutionize your life by enhancing your presence, clarifying your performance, and unleashing your power! You will learn how to naturally draw people to you and be able to connect with others on an authentic and compelling level. Become aware of your target audience and what they need for the right experience with you. Embody an Alpha persona and attract your PACK!

This 8 Week Workshop Series will teach you how to improve your verbal and nonverbal communication. Create a rich arsenal of tools and knowledge around body posture, body gesturing, clarifying physical speech, and the use of facial expression. Become aware of your body language to attract more business and increase your target market’s retention of your powerful presentation style.

Bonus Marketing Video: We have teamed up with a high-end videography team, Hildebrand Photography, to create a memorable and highly effective marketing video for each participant in our workshop. Each video will feature you at peak performance, showcasing everything you’ve learned over the 8 week intensive series. Our gift to you, this 30-second marketing video will become invaluable in promoting yourself at your best. Retail value of more than the cost of this class!

(Hildebrand Photography) a day in the life of a seattle wedding photographer kerstin o'shields seattle business workshop the secrets of body language in business https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/The-Secrets-of-Body-Language-in-Business Thu, 18 Dec 2014 18:26:52 GMT
The Seattle Wedding Show excitement is building! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/The-Seattle-Wedding-Show-excitement-is-building The Seattle Wedding Show excitement is building!

So, you’re planning your wedding and wondering who to hire and how you are going to arrange appointments with every single vendor then drive to them in rush hour traffic and beg your fiancé to come with you. You wish there was one big room where you could go to meet all of the vendors at once so you can do it all in one trip.
Ta da! There is such a place! It’s called The Seattle Wedding Show! It’s like a dream come true. There’s everything you could possibly want for your wedding in one place that is covered and warm and even has a fashion show where you can see the latest trends in wedding fashion! I would recommend going to Saturday then returning on Sunday. This is a once a year event. You really want to make the most of it!

Dates & Times:

Washington State Convention & Trade Center
800 Convention Place, 4th Floor
Seattle, WA 98101

Saturday January 10th, 2015
10:00am to 5:30pm (ticket sales open at 9:30am)

Sunday January 11th, 2015
10:30am to 5:00pm (ticket sales open at 10:00am)

Tickets are $17.00 per person and can be purchased at the door.
Children twelve and under are admitted free.
Come to the show Saturday, get your hand stamped on the way out, and come back Sunday for FREE.

Tickets go on sale at the door: 9:30 am Saturday and 10:00 am Sunday.

(Hildebrand Photography) convention center event the seattle wedding show wedding expo wedding show wedding vendors https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/The-Seattle-Wedding-Show-excitement-is-building Thu, 18 Dec 2014 17:48:22 GMT
Bridal Parties https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Bridal-Parties Bridal Parties

Here are Mark’s groomsmen. Such a handsome group. The midnight blue is stunning. I like the story during the speeches where one groomsmen told about how the groom, Mark, walked him miles and miles down a deserted railroad track after a party one night to make sure he got home safely. I feel like the speeches should be in the beginning of a wedding so we can all get to know the family and bridal party better. It’s always interesting hearing stories of character, pranks, support and friendship. It adds that much more depth to your understanding of their friendship.

Here are Cara’s bridesmaids. Each one of them was/is so beautiful. I love that they chose their own dresses. Their personalities shine through with the style of each dress and the champagne color is just stunning, completely elegant. We had so much fun taking photos of these ladies all night long.

(Hildebrand Photography) bridal parties bridal party bridesmaids groomsmen wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Bridal-Parties Sat, 13 Dec 2014 01:57:31 GMT
Christmas Family Photos https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Christmas-Family-Photos Christmas Family Photos

We are so happy that we were able to do Alyssa and Kyle’s Christmas photos for them again this year. It’s really great to be able to see them every year and this year we got to meet their new pup even! It’s fun to see their family grown. Just like our family, their pets are like family to them and they are the best parents ever. Merry Christmas Stringer Family!

(Hildebrand Photography) family photos https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Christmas-Family-Photos Sat, 13 Dec 2014 01:50:34 GMT
The beautiful Bri Bray modeling for us! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/The-beautiful-Bri-Bray-modeling-for-us These photos are from a lighting class by Hildebrand Photography and the beautiful Bri Bray modeling for us! We are so pleased with how fabulous these photos turned out. We used a lot of unique off-camera lighting to capture these images.
Bri is so at ease in front of a camera. We all agreed she has a multitude of looks but really rocks the “you stole my boyfriend, I’m going to kick your b*tt” look which is extra amazing because she seems super nice to all of us! I do really love the smile she has in one of the last photos here. It’s contagious!

Laying on a Black Sand Beach

Stay tuned for more classes taught by us in the future such as off-camera lighting, posing, photography 101, Lightroom and Photoshop. Private lessons available upon request which would make a really great Christmas gift! (wink, wink)
Give us a call and we will help you with your Holiday Shopping List! 206-790-8995

Hair Color By: Brianna Cashin based out of The Cove Salon

(Hildebrand Photography) for photographers glamour photography https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/The-beautiful-Bri-Bray-modeling-for-us Fri, 12 Dec 2014 23:02:23 GMT
Hildebrand Photography & Studio H https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Hildebrand-Photography-Studio-H Hildebrand Photography & Studio H

Yes, we own two companies. Hildebrand Photography and the sister company, Studio H.
We started our career in wedding photography as a modest studio making our way. We have grown by leaps and bounds since that day almost 8 years ago when Brandon shot his first wedding then put an add in Craigslist and got two more weddings. Since then it’s been a whirl wind of adventure, leaning, classes in business, lighting, posing, flow, scheduling, editing, marketing and much more near and far taught by world renowned photographers (Las Vegas), seminars, travels to Washington, California, Oregon, Hawaii, Arizona, Tennessee, Virginia, Canada and Buenos Aires, Argentina for weddings, travels to San Francisco for engagement sessions.

We now teach classes to other photographers Photography 101, Lightroom and Photoshop classes. We are the leaders of the Seattle chapter of the nationwide companies ShootQ and Pictage where we share our knowledge of the industry with other professional photographers and get to know the needs and goals of our fellow photographers. We have mentored other professional photographers. We enjoy learning, training and networking. We are passionate about all things photography!
So, now that we are further along in our career and offering the ultimate in wedding photography not only in our artistic style and in telling the story of your day we realize we are beyond the reach of some who may have a concern about budget.

It breaks our hearts to have a client who loves us and our work but can’t fit us into their budget. Our solution was to create Studio H www.photostudioh.com This is our associate photography company.
These carefully chosen photographers have years of wedding photography experience. They have shot with us and know exactly our flow of the day and our style. If we are available to shoot your wedding then we, the owners/the primary shooters, will be there. If not, then one of our associates will be there to capture amazing images to tell the story of your wedding day. Everything else will be done by us including any meetings with you, emails editing, album design etc.

The collections aren’t as inclusive as Hildebrand Photography collections but you still get incredible images of your day which is the most important part. The rest can be upgraded after the wedding if you so choose.

Now there is no reason not to hire us either as Hildebrand Photography or Studio H, whichever one suits your needs best. If you like us and love our work you’ll be relieved to know we can accommodate you.
Go check out www.photostudioh.com Notice you will see gorgeous photos there. We are adding more photos weekly so check back for updates often. You won’t see any high edit/fine art photos there.
Go to www.hildebrandphoto.com to see the ultimate in what we have to offer.

(Hildebrand Photography) hildebrand photography photography mentor studio h wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Hildebrand-Photography-Studio-H Wed, 10 Dec 2014 19:06:07 GMT
family photos in studio https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/family-photos-in-studio Family photos in studio

This family has been with us for many years now. They’re the best. It’s great to see them often and see how much their little boy has grown. He is personality plus. I was cracking up during the whole shoot. Kids are such little comedians. I love it!

This photo shoot was really great. He played and we took photos. I love studio photo sessions where I can get down on the kids level so I can hand them toys and play peek-a-boo and do whatever it takes to get the shot without worrying about mud and leaves and lighting.

I can’t wait for our next photo session with this sweet boy and his parents.

(Hildebrand Photography) child model children photography family photos family photos in studio https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/family-photos-in-studio Sat, 06 Dec 2014 16:38:04 GMT
The first 3 steps in planning a wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/The-first-3-steps-in-planning-a-wedding The first 3 steps in planning a wedding…step “B” is the best part! 😉1f609

A. Book your venue first. Now you know your date. Try to do this a year in advance.
B. Book your photographer! Consider adding on Videography and Photo Booth now or wait till later. Either way you know we are available for your date so you are in good hands here. No worries, we got your back. No need to look elsewhere. 😉1f609
C. Buy your dress
D. I have no idea what comes next. I only know about the dress because brides are always excited and telling me what they’ve tried on when we meet. I do, however, have a list of my favorite vendors. They are here in our blog. Go check them out. Type vendors in the search window of our blog and they will pop up.
These are the people we trust. They are professionals with plenty of experience so you can be sure your day will run smoothly.

So, let’s review. If most people are freshly engaged when they come to the January expo and you need to hire the venue and photographer a year in advance to get the ones you want. Then wouldn’t it make sense that most brides will be hiring the venues and photographers vendors while at the show? Do you want to stand in line at those booths or wouldn’t it feel good to know yours are booked and you can move on to the other vendors. Or, if you don’t book ahead of time just know that you don’t want to lose out on your favorites so be prepared to go straight to those booths and put a deposit to save your date on the vendors you love while at the show! Bring your checkbook. Know that we will reward you for booking us at or before the show!
Call us to book your meeting and/or engagement session now. 206.790.8995 or email [email protected]

Hildebrand Photography

Follow these 4 simple steps to a successful Wedding Show.

1. Come to our booth first.
A. We are booth number 1312.
B. Call us if you get lost. 206.790.8995
2. Book us for your wedding day photography, videography and photo booth!
3. High five each other knowing you are in very good hands with Hildebrand Photography.
4. Then, go celebrate by finding cake samples to eat!


This is what our expo booth has looked like for many years now. This January we will have a completely different look! We are so very excited. It will be a sleek, stylish white booth full of our gorgeous albums and prints. Come check it out!

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Who is getting engaged? Seattle Wedding Show https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Who-is-getting-engaged-Seattle-Wedding-Show Who is getting engaged? Seattle Wedding Show

Statistics show that this is the time of year that most people get engaged.
We were at Bellevue Square Mall last night visiting Santa. My daughter and I both love shiny things so naturally, while waiting for the boys, we wandered into the nearest jewelry store, Ben Bridge. http://www.benbridge.com/store/bellevue-square

There were happy couples with the glow of the brightly lit display cases shining on their smiling faces as they gazed at the engagement rings.
January is the biggest month for a wedding photographer. They call it “wedding expo/show month” in the industry. We book up quickly at wedding shows. We will be meeting hundreds of brides at the shows.

Here’s something you can do to beat the rush. This is a GREAT idea!
Meet with us before the show. Better yet, have your engagement session done with us. We can go over our collections afterwards over a warm beverage and show you our fabulous albums. You won’t believe how incredible our albums are.
If you hire us, then your engagement session is complimentary. If not then you can purchase your session for $299. (No need to price shop. That’s the going rate out there for engagement sessions.) You will be ahead of the game when it comes to sending your save the date cards out because you already have your photos! Whether you hire us or not you will be beating the rush and have amazing photos to show for it!

Remember we offer videography and photo booths too! See more info on those in our blog too! Plus, we have an associate photography company called Studio H. www.photostudioh.com

We will be at the Seattle Wedding Show. Come see us! We are booth number 1312. We are next to the Salish Lodge booth, yay! We

(Hildebrand Photography) engagement session/how they met photo booth photo booths salish lodge seattle wedding seattle wedding show studio h videography videos & slideshows wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Who-is-getting-engaged-Seattle-Wedding-Show Wed, 03 Dec 2014 17:13:23 GMT
It was a Merry dog photo shoot today! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/It-was-a-Merry-dog-photo-shoot-today It was a Merry dog photo shoot today!
Today I took our two dogs, Merry Christmas (Merry for short) and Blackie in for a professional photo shoot today. I’ve never taken the time to get really great shots of my dogs (as you can see from the photos posted here.)

Christine of Trimood Photography did a wonderful job. Which is funny to say since I never once saw one of her photos from today’s shoot but isn’t a really great photo shoot about more than just the photos to a client? It’s about the interaction, professionalism, comfort level and atmosphere too. I had a great time. I was very proud of my two dogs. Once they sniffed out everything they could in Christine’s studio they settled down and were eager to please. They were good listeners and even climbed up on a red bench which I did not think they would do…oh, and they even wore/tolerated wearing hats for a bit! Christine knew they would do all of these things. It was me who was skeptical but she was right, it worked! I had a really great time and so did Merry and Blackie. I cannot wait to see the photos but will be patient because Christine runs a thriving business that is busy this time of year. Good things are worth the wait though! I’m just glad she made the time for us to come in today for our shoot!

Check out her work at: http://trimoodphotography.com/

(Hildebrand Photography) a day in the life of a photographer dog photos trimood https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/It-was-a-Merry-dog-photo-shoot-today Tue, 02 Dec 2014 17:41:57 GMT
Engagement Session/How They Met- Virginia and Steve https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Engagement-Session/How-They-Met--Virginia-and-Steve Engagement Session/How They Met- Virginia and Steve
What’s your story? How did you meet? How did the proposal go?

A. First off, both of are extremely thrilled that we are getting married.

We met on a dating website and only after a week of talking to each other we decided to have a date. Our first date was at Lombardi’s in Everett, Wa on March 28th 2013. We had dinner, talked for a bit and ended up closing the place. I kissed her goodnight and since then its been such a wonderful time. It truly was love at first site!

We are deeply in love and cannot wait to get married and share the experience with our family and friends!


Here are the vendors Virginia and Steve chose for their wedding. They are in good hands with Wendy of Simplee Wendy as their florist and coordinator. I’ve known Wendy for years. She’s so creative, hard-working and genuinely caring. I cannot wait to see what Wendy and Virginia come up with to decorate her wedding!

My mouth is already watering for the BBQ from Bubba’s Country Cue. Steve was describing their menu to me and I begged him to stop. I can’t bear to wait so long for such delicious food!

If We the People Salon is the same place Virginia used for her engagement session then she’s going to look fabulous for her wedding!

The Side Project Band is their favorite local band and they are going to be at their wedding! So cool! They can be found playing in the bar of Willows Lodge on certain nights of the week. Brandon and I are going to go listen to them before the wedding. It doesn’t hurt that we absolutely love Willows Lodge too.

Did you scroll down and see that we will be their Videographers and their Photo Booth vendors?! It’s so fantastic that we get to do so much for Virginia and Steve. Let’s see if I can get a photo of them wearing crowns and boa’s before the night is over. 😉1f609 They are good sports. I’m sure it’ll be easy.

Lastly, Kitsap Memorial Park. They had to wait in line over night to get the date they wanted! This place must be incredible to have such a high need. They say the view is outstanding of the sound. I can’t wait to see it!

Willows Lodge
14580 NE 145th St, Woodinville, WA 98072
(425) 424-3900

Event Coordinator Simplee Wendy
[email protected]
Florist Simplee Wendy

Event Designer Wedding Planner

[email protected]
Caterer Bubba’s Country Cue
[email protected]

Cake Artist Sweets @ Savories Custom Wedding Cakes

[email protected]

Gown Boutique A Princess Bridal

Makeup Artist We The People Salon

Hair Stylist We The People Salon

Musician/DJ The Side Project live band

Kitsap Memorial Park

Videographer Hildebrand Photography

Photo Booth Hildebrand Photography

(Hildebrand Photography) a princess bridal band caterer bubba's country cue custom wedding cakes dawn and brandon hildebrand engagement session/how they met florist gown hair stylist kitsap memorial park make up artist officiant photo booth smiplee wendy sweets and savories the side project videographer we the people salon wedding coordinator wedding venue willows lodge https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Engagement-Session/How-They-Met--Virginia-and-Steve Tue, 02 Dec 2014 16:34:31 GMT
Family, dogs, fall leaves, trails & a bridge https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Family-dogs-fall-leaves-trails-a-bridge Family, dogs, fall leaves, trails & a bridge
Stu and Cherie are both so very nice and their family is beautiful, furry ones included. We’ve known Stu for years. He’s always cracking us up with his random wit that’s always catching me off guard. They even brought the neighbor girl along! The two girls are very close and it was fun to see their big smiles and hear the giggling when they got together. I’m glad some leaves were still remaining. The throwing of the leaves at the end of the shoot turned out really cool.











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Salish Lodge Snoqualmie Falls Wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Salish-Lodge-Snoqualmie-Falls-Wedding Salish Lodge Snoqualmie Falls Wedding

Megan and Dan’s wedding was stunning. The crisp fall air and beautiful colors filling the trees lining the walkway leading to the falls was a prefect place to take a photo of these two holding hands. For the reception the mantle was lined with white pillar candles and greenery, the cake had a cozy cable knit sweater look (how’d they do that?), the appetizers had a seafood theme with oysters on the 1/2 shell, crab cakes and salmon. Guests danced in the tent outdoors after dinner and fun was had by everyone of all ages. That’s one of my favorite things about family gatherings is that people of all ages are mixing and mingling, dancing and having fun. I love all the celebrating and smiling faces!

Thank you to the vendors involved for making Megan and Dan’s wedding so special!

Salish Lodge

Musician/DJ Sounds Unlimited
425-381-5536 (H)
[email protected]

(Hildebrand Photography) asoundsunlimited dj salish lodge snoqualmie falls wedding waterfall waterfall wedding wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/Salish-Lodge-Snoqualmie-Falls-Wedding Mon, 01 Dec 2014 15:10:01 GMT
It’s Your Day Event and Expressions https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/12/It-s-Your-Day-Event-and-Expressions It’s Your Day Event and Expressions

Here are the photos from the photo shoot we did for It’s Your Day Event and Expressions owned by Ashley and Christina. Not only are they long-time friends who finish each others sentences but hey are event coordinators extraordinaire!
We met at The Knot Mixer about a month ago. The Knot www.theknot.com puts on a party every year for their vendors. This year, as told in another blog post on this site, was really fun and full of lots of really great people from the wedding industry! They both seemed super nice and lots of fun so I invited them to join me on a shoot. And now you’re caught up!

Ha, ha, selfies, gotta love em. I’m liking the sun flare, pretty cool. Pretty sure I’m concentrating on making my cold thumb be able to move to click on my phone photo button while Ashley & Christina looking fabulous behind me. 🙂1f642

It was a crisp, fall day for our shoot. We had fun walking around downtown Redmond with all the different colors and textures of the old bricks and the new art all mixed together in a 2 block radius. I asked about their business and they both had so much to say. You can tell they really are passionate about being creative, unique, professional and thorough in event planning. They have a HUGE idea that is really exciting that I am sworn to never speak of until the big reveal. It’s really inspiring to hear the future growth potential for their thriving business. We are like minded in our businesses and it’s really refreshing to talk about an industry we all love with inspired business minded professionals.

Check out their website where they list all that they have to offer. It’s quite impressive! http://www.itsyourdayevents.com/services/4563655018

Thank you ladies for a great day. You are both so beautiful and are so easy to photograph. I love the out takes of the two of you laughing. I’ll let you include those in your own blog post if you choose to.

Remember, to stay tuned for more blog posts about how to get the most out of wedding shows where I tell you to meet with vendors BEFORE January when all of the shows are so you can beat the rush!
Call It’s Your Day Events today to book them for your wedding and events!

Ashley & Christina
It’s Your Day Event and Expressions

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First Looks aka The Reveal https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/First-Looks-aka-The-Reveal First Looks aka The Reveal

This is where the bride and groom see each other before the wedding. We cannot stress how very important it is to do this for your wedding. This improves the flow of your day and the happiness of your guests which makes you, the bride and groom, happier and more at ease. As you can see from these photos we still make it special. We take photos of you two seeing each other for the first time then we give you a few minutes alone to just be together and enjoy the day. Then, you tell us you are ready and we take some beautiful action shots of the two of you then move on to have you join your wedding party to celebrate your day and get some beautiful, photos of you all having fun!

We always encourage our clients to have a first look on their wedding day and every time they follow our advice on this they say, “Thank you, it was really nice to be able to spend more time with my fiancé on our wedding day and it really broke the ice and helped me relax before our ceremony.”

You will still get that excitement in the pit of your stomach when you see each other for the first time and you’ll get it again when you walk down the aisle. We will capture all the emotion both times but the first look time won’t have the backs of peoples heads and your groom holding a straight face that you can’t read because he’s trying to be stoic in front of all of your guests.

Our clients are passionate about artistic, gorgeous photography just like we are. In order for us to be able to capture you at your best we need time. Time to find the best lighting or create it, put you in stunning locations, have you focus on us and your fiancé to create gorgeous photos for you.

Time is very important to create the very best art starring you and to create memorable moments of the two of you celebrating with your bridal party. We want you to enjoy your day. Take in all the beauty the day has to offer and remember it. This is the day you have dreamt of and planned for. Make the most of it.

So, the argument is that some people want to stay with tradition. I’ve heard it said that this particular tradition came from arranged marriages where neither the bride nor the groom had even met yet. The idea was that they wouldn’t be able to see the other then run away once they were walking down the aisle. Rest assured that your fiancé will not be wearing running shoes on your wedding day because so far 100% of our clients have met each other before their wedding day.

So, the moral of this story is…Have a first look! The first look is the best idea ever! You will love having a first look!

(Get the picture?)

Yes, we can shoot a wedding without a first look but EVERY photographer will tell you that a first look is the best way to go.

(Hildebrand Photography) first looks hildebrand photography photographers seattle seattle wedding seattle wedding photographer seattle wedding photography the reveal wedding wedding photographers https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/First-Looks-aka-The-Reveal Sun, 30 Nov 2014 19:18:30 GMT
How to get the most out of wedding shows & expos: https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/How-to-get-the-most-out-of-wedding-shows-expos
How to get the most out of wedding shows & expos.

Here are my helpful tips for getting the most out of wedding shows/expos:

1. Bring address stickers so you don’t have to write your info down 100 times for every vendor you meet. Print them now and put them in your purse now. You will thank me. 🙂1f642
A. Name, email, phone number and wedding date/venue will suffice.
2. Bring someone to help you carry things, ask questions and remember things. Bribe them with the yummy cupcake samples!
3. Start your research BEFORE you get to the show. Go to the show directory and see who will be there. Look them up online and circle your 3 favorites that you MUST meet while at the show. Whatever point you are at in your planning you will be able to find the next vendor on your list at the show.

(Hildebrand Photography) https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/How-to-get-the-most-out-of-wedding-shows-expos Sat, 29 Nov 2014 18:53:38 GMT
We deliver kick arse wall art https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/We-deliver-kick-arse-wall-art I recently learned that we deliver kick arse wall art.
I have been making all sorts of print deliveries lately! Last week I had many prints to deliver to 3 separate clients so I camped out at a Starbucks central to all and met with many clients in one day. It was great! I had a nice, cozy fireplace and comfy chairs and “worked” in my “office” for most of the day. I gave and received big hugs, we all visited about weddings, life, Thanksgiving, family and drank warm, yummy Starbucks creations. I got to see smiling faces, hear “wows!” and feel a big sense of pride as I presented each print to each client.
Katie and Sam sent a photo of their big print once it was hung in their house.
He pointed out that his reflection can be seen in the right side of the print. It’s so high gloss that their print looks 3-D, it’s amazing! He said, “It looks kick ass” which is pretty funny because I don’t think I’ve ever heard him swear before. I guess that proves just how much he likes their new wall art. I’m very happy that they chose to do the 3-up. It’s quite unique and very impressive on the wall!

3-up Sheet Metal Print, Katie and Sam’s wedding and the Blue Ridge Mountains

(Hildebrand Photography) a day in the life of a photographer prints sheet metal print wall art wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/We-deliver-kick-arse-wall-art Sat, 29 Nov 2014 15:26:17 GMT
Drum roll please…Presenting Cara and her Bridesmaids https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Drum-roll-please-Presenting-Cara-and-her-Bridesmaids Drum roll please…Presenting Cara and her Bridesmaids!

After much anticipation we are proud to present the photo that could be on a billboard, in a movie or gracing the cover of a wedding magazine! These ladies are not only looking fabulous but working it! This photo if full of personality plus. It’s so perfect. I just love it!

The photos I’m excited to post next are of the groomsmen, of course. Let’s see how you all think they stack up to the girls in their modeling debut.

I have some gorgeous photos of Cara and Mark in the alleyway too. There was a perfect spot of light coming into the alley and shining on the bricks. Mark is rockin his look in that perfect light.

And ladies, remember when Cara was posing next to the fire escape ladder? Those turned out incredible too! I’ll post all of these by Monday.

Here is Cara and Mark’s highlight video. This brings back a flood of good memories. I remember all of the smiling faces of their friends and family full of pride, joy, love and crazy dance moves!


Cara and Mark Highlight Video from Hildebrand Productions on Vimeo.

(Hildebrand Photography) bridesmaid bridesmaids champagne wedding dresses pink wedding dresses videos & slideshows wedding wedding brick wedding party https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Drum-roll-please-Presenting-Cara-and-her-Bridesmaids Fri, 28 Nov 2014 13:51:35 GMT
Bridal party and I rockin the alleyway at Monte Cristo Ballroom https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Bridal-party-and-I-rockin-the-alleyway-at-Monte-Cristo-Ballroom So Brandon called me over to the computer and said, look at this photo. I glanced from afar, commented on how cool it is and asked what magazine that is in and who took it.
He told me to look closer. When I did I realized it was a photo of the bridesmaids from the latest Monte Cristo Ballroom wedding we did….my photo. Oh yeah, I rocked that alleyway with help from my personality plus, gorgeous models of a wedding party!
He’s putting finishing editing touches on it now then I will post it here.
I can’t WAIT to show our clients! Cara especially will love this photo of her and her ladies!

Monte Cristo Ballroom in Everett

(Hildebrand Photography) beige dresses brick wedding bridal party bridesmaid dresses bridesmaids champagne color dress monte cristo ballroom pink dresses wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Bridal-party-and-I-rockin-the-alleyway-at-Monte-Cristo-Ballroom Tue, 25 Nov 2014 17:41:50 GMT
Tolt-MacDonald Park Engagement Session https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Tolt-MacDonald-Park-Engagement-Session I’d like to introduce to you, Virginia, Steve and their sweet dog, Bentley. We all met at Tolt-MacDonald Park for their Engagement Session and lucked out with fabulous weather. It was a hot day at the end of September and we walked all over that park! We just couldn’t stop taking photos and who could blame us, just look at how beautiful they are…(well, handsome Steve ;). They are both so comfortable together and with us. It didn’t take long for them to warm up to being in front of the camera. We ventured across the field then to the woods where one of my favorite engagement photos of the year was taken…the first one show here in the blog. Everything about this photo is perfect. They way they are holding each other, the rich colors in the background and that yummy lighting all makes me grin from ear to ear that we are photographers and we get to capture these amazing gifts to share with people.
From there we ventured to the field with tall grass and a white barn in the back. (I think Brandon stood on the picnic table to get this shot.) Of course we had to traverse the bridge. It’s wobbly by nature (I think they’re called suspension bridges), made of wood slats that you can look through down, down, down to the rushing river below. Bentley wasn’t too thrilled about this but wasn’t going to let his parents go without him so he powered through.
When the shoot was over it was all big hugs and shared dreams of their wedding plans and from us it was “Oh my gosh, it’s going to be amazing and we cannot wait for your big day!” which is completely true because they love photography like we do and they are some of the nicest people ever!

Tolt-MacDonald Park Engagement Session

(Hildebrand Photography) engagement session engagement session/how they met tolt-macdonald park https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Tolt-MacDonald-Park-Engagement-Session Wed, 19 Nov 2014 17:59:55 GMT
Salish Lodge and Snohomish Railroad https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Salish-Lodge-and-Snohomish-Railroad Salish Lodge and Snohomish Railroad
Jeremy and Elyssa flew up to Snoqualmie from Arizona for their wedding. They are world travelers so this was easy for them. After their wedding we took them and their bridal party to the NW Railway Museum for fun/glamorous photos. We took as many photos as quickly as possible then Jeremy grabbed Elyssa and carried her off to their getaway car to catch their plane to their honeymoon!
They’re so adorable and we are grateful they gave us the time to create fabulous photos of them on their big day!

Snoqualmie Falls and Snohomish Railroad

Suzanne’s Bridal Boutique
645 N Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234 · > 1000 mi
(480) 926-9106

Salish Lodge

Catering: Salish Lodge

Treehouse Bakery
1348 W Roosevelt St. Phoenix, AZ 85007 United States
Yes, the bride and groom had someone they trusted to their wedding cake all the way up from Arizona! They had it in their lap on the plane ride all the way to Seattle!

Northwest Railway Museum
38625 SE King Street, Snoqualmie, WA 98065
(425) 888-3030

(Hildebrand Photography) northwest railway museum salish lodge snohomish railroad snoqualmie snoqualmie falls suzanne's bridal boutique treehouse bakery wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Salish-Lodge-and-Snohomish-Railroad Wed, 19 Nov 2014 15:02:59 GMT
Snohomish Railroad Wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Snohomish-Railroad-Wedding Snohomish Railroad Wedding.
This is one of my favorite photos from this year!

Snohomish Railroad

(Hildebrand Photography) snohomish railroad wedding wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Snohomish-Railroad-Wedding Wed, 19 Nov 2014 14:16:47 GMT
MV Skansonia Ferry on north Lake Union Seattle https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/MV-Skansonia-Ferry-on-north-Lake-Union-Seattle MV Skansonia Ferry on north Lake Union Seattle
The Skansonia Ferry is a fabulous place to get married. Stunning view of Seattle, beautiful classic décor, professional staff and more. Contact Hildebrand Photography at www.hildebrandphoto.com [email protected] or 206.790.8995 to book your wedding!
MV Skansonia Ferry on north Lake Union Seattle

(Hildebrand Photography) ferry hildebrand photography lake union mv skansonia ferry seattle seattle wedding wedding wedding photographers https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/MV-Skansonia-Ferry-on-north-Lake-Union-Seattle Mon, 17 Nov 2014 13:37:30 GMT
The Seattle Wedding Show is January 10th & 11th 2015 https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/The-Seattle-Wedding-Show-is-January-10th-11th-2015 The Seattle Wedding Show is January 10th & 11th 2015
Washington State Convention Center in Seattle
It only happens once a year!
Buy your tickets now.

Hildebrand Photography will be there. Come say hello, check out our beautiful new expo booth then book us for your wedding! Our gift with purchase is a personalized 20 page engagement photos guest sign-in book! Everyone loves our guest books! A $300 value!

Seattle Wedding Show


(Hildebrand Photography) dawn and brandon hildebrand hildebrand photography photographer photography san francisco seattle seattle wedding seattle wedding photography seattle wedding show wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/The-Seattle-Wedding-Show-is-January-10th-11th-2015 Mon, 17 Nov 2014 12:40:50 GMT
Jenny and Robert Engagement Session Bellevue https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Jenny-and-Robert-Engagement-Session-Bellevue

(Hildebrand Photography) engagement session/how they met jenny and robert engagement session bellevue https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Jenny-and-Robert-Engagement-Session-Bellevue Mon, 17 Nov 2014 11:29:01 GMT
It’s Your Day Events photo shoot time! https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/It-s-Your-Day-Events-photo-shoot-time We are about to photograph the lovely ladies, Ashley & Christina, of It’s Your Day Events. We met them at The Knot mixer in Seattle last week. They have so much to offer brides in planning their big days. I’m excited to get to know them better and rock out some amazing photos of them today.
Photos coming soon!
In the meantime check out their website so you can ooh and ahh over all that they do!


(Hildebrand Photography) hildebrand photography it's your day events photo shoot time! photography seattle seattle wedding seattle wedding photographer wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/It-s-Your-Day-Events-photo-shoot-time Fri, 14 Nov 2014 12:10:44 GMT
Georgetown Ballroom Wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Georgetown-Ballroom-Wedding Georgetown Ballroom Wedding
Georgetown Ballroom is an amazing place to have your wedding or event. It’s full of color and character with light up signs on the wall, statues and art everywhere. There’s an outdoor courtyard and two large ballroom areas indoors plus two separate getting ready rooms upstairs for bridal parties. There are two bars and a stage. Many brides ask us for ideas on venues that are unique and already decorated. Georgetown Ballroom is both. The staff is very hands-on and professional. We very much appreciate them and have the best time photographing weddings there. We highly recommend Georgetown Ballroom. Dates book up quickly there so go visit them today!

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Matthews Estate and Winery in Woodinville Wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Matthews-Estate-and-Winery-in-Woodinville-Wedding Throw back Friday.

This is one of my favorite photos. I would title this “Glorious rose petals cascading on joyous bride”. Isn’t that how renowned artists title their art? I just had to post it all by itself to give it the attention it deserves.

Isn’t Jasmina beautiful? Her wedding was really fun. See prior posts for more photos of her wedding day full of Greek traditions, white doves and even yellow rubber duckies.

jasmina roses woodinville wedding matthews estate

Jasmina’s wedding at Matthews Estate & Winery in Woodinville

Matthews Estate and Winery in Woodinville Wedding

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The Knot Weddings Mixer Seattle https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/The-Knot-Weddings-Mixer-Seattle The Knot Weddings Mixer Seattle

It was a dark and stormy night…ha, ha, well, it was! We all ventured through heavy traffic, over bridges and through parking garages to get to 1927 Events in Seattle but it was well worth the trip. It’s an all brick, classy venue! Perfect for your next event!

The food by Twelve Baskets Catering and Scooters Custom Catering was beautiful & delicious, the music was thumpin to some beats that just couldn’t be resisted by the dancing party goers.
There were fruity mixed drinks that I’d never heard of that were delectable by The Invisible Hostess
Bartenders with alcohol from Bev Mo. Dianne’s Delights cake pops as well as other exotic desserts. I heard the BIG macaroons were melt in your mouth good. We called them Big Mac’s.
The photo booth by Drunken Pixel was, of course, so much fun! With a company name like that how can it not be fun!?
The lighting lent a dramatic feel to the atmosphere.
The decorations full of beautiful stationary, furniture and flowers was incredible! American Party Place, Rented Elegance, Green Light Event Design & For the Love of Press Stationery Thank you!
I can’t wait to see the video! I’m sure Jaimie J. captured some fun times!
Jen’s Blossoms Planning/Design/Floral rocked it all by putting all the pieces together to create this wonderland of beauty for us to all gather and party in. Thank you Jen’s Blossoms for all of your hard work!

Many thanks to the talented vendors who made this event possible!
Jen’s Blossoms

1927 Events

Scooters Custom Catering

Twelve Baskets Catering

Dianne’s Delights

Bev Mo

The Invisible Hostess

American Party Place

Rented Elegance

Green Light Event Design

Austin Beaver

For the Love of Press

Drunken Pixel
Photo Booth

Hildebrand Photography

Jaimie J. Videography

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Redmond High School Seniors Katy and Alex https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Redmond-High-School-Seniors-Katy-and-Alex It was the hottest day of the year but the photo session turned out great! We managed to find beautiful outdoor nature locations to shoot and the girls were wonderful to work with.

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Caitlin Senior Photos Seattle https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Caitlin-Senior-Photos-Seattle Caitlin Senior Photos Seattle

src=”http://www.hildebrandphotoblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/2014-11-11_00041.jpg” class=”pp-insert-all size-full aligncenter” width=”770″ height=”578″ alt=”” />

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Seattle Marriott Waterfront Hotel Engagement Session https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Seattle-Marriott-Waterfront-Hotel-Engagement-Session Seattle Marriott Waterfront Hotel Engagement Session
We have taken many photos in and around the Seattle Marriott Waterfront Hotel for weddings and engagement sessions. It’s an extraordinary hotel with exquisite décor and views of the waterfront that are breath taking.
The Seattle Marriott Waterfront Hotel is walking distance to the Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park, Pier 91 and very near Pikes Place Market.
We highly recommend you have your wedding here and hire us to capture amazing images of your incredible event.

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University of Washington Wedding Party https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/University-of-Washington-Wedding-Party If you are considering getting married at University of Washington I highly recommend it! We’ve done engagement sessions there (see Mary and Joe’s session on our blog) as well as weddings and the architecture mixed with nature makes for stunning photos! The buildings of Odegaard and Suzallo are right across each other on Red Square with a large fountain and a gorgeous view in the distance are all right there together. It’s all so beautiful. See for yourself in our photos!











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Katie and Sam’s Virginia Wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/Katie-and-Sam-s-Virginia-Wedding Yes, we flew to Hidden Valley Country Club in Salem, Virginia for Katie and Sam’s wedding and what an adventure it was!

The Blue Ridge Mountain were the stunning backdrop to this breath taking wedding.

Their ceremony was full of touching moments, so many I can’t name them all but here are a few highlights.

For their ceremony, there’s a series of photos here showing the ring blessing/warming portion of the ceremony where family members pass the bride and grooms rings from to each other but not before holding them in their cupped hands and saying a silent blessing. It was truly beautiful.

Sam and Katie are very caring people. They included their grandmas in the ceremony by giving them roses which were met with wide beaming smiles.

Sam’s first dance was with his two grandmas which would melt anyone’s heart.
Their grooms cake is of their alma mater, Virginia Tech where they met and went on countless adventures playing in the band together. Their blood is truly Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange (yes, those are the real names of the colors).

Katie’s dad dances the soft shoe like a champ, who knew! Everyone was gathered around the dance floor in a huge circle clapping and stomping to the music while he soft shoed around the floor then grabbed Katie (or did she grab him) anyway, they spun and clapped in a dancing, twirling, dress swirling celebration.

The surprise of the evening was after their big exit full of wild streamers, neon lights and cheering guests forming a tunnel leading to a vintage Rolls Royce ready to speed them away.

It was a glorious day full of celebration and love.
Big cheers to the happy couple, Katie and Sam!

Special thanks to all of the vendors involved for making this a flawless day!

Event Designer Wedding Planner
[email protected]

Florist Kroger Co.

Cake Artist Casey’s Cakes
[email protected]

Officiant Lynn Haven Baptist Church
[email protected]

Gown Boutique David’s Bridal

Makeup Artist Salon Solutions
[email protected]

Hair Stylist: Salon Solutions
[email protected]

Musician/DJ Big Fun Events
[email protected]

Venue/Caterer: Hidden Valley Country Club
[email protected]

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A travel themed Monte Cristo Ballroom wedding https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/11/A-travel-themed-Monte-Cristo-Ballroom-wedding This is Mallory and Chris’s beautiful travel themed Monte Cristo Ballroom wedding. Mallory studied abroad and Chris is a pilot so it was fitting that their wedding was a travel theme. Each dinner table was decorated perfectly to match each city it represented. They used a vintage style that was fun and creative.

Look at Chris’s face as they walk down the aisle together as husband and wife. He is the happiest guy in the world! I love it!
They played the Shoe-ley-wed Game. This is where the bride and groom sit back to back. They have one of each others shoes as well as one of their own shoes. The DJ asks questions like, “Which one of you would most likely be caught speeding?” They raise the shoe of the one they think will be caught and everyone bursts out laughing then they change their minds or peek at the other ones answers and start cracking up too. It’s a complete crack up and a great way for everyone to have fun.

The father/daughter dance was different than any I’d ever seen. Her dad pantomimed out the words to the song. It was sweet and touching and I couldn’t stop capturing image after image of him being playful and her beaming with joy.

Not to be outdone, the father/mother dance was fantastic with Chris spinning her all over the dance floor and her hair flying while grinning from ear to ear.

Chris and Mallory’s first dance was very sweet and even had a spin and dip thrown in here and there. First dances are one of my favorite parts of the wedding day. I get all choked up but still manage to be able to see through the lens and keep on clicking.
Three cheers to this fun, adventurous, happy couple, Mallory and Chris!

Thank you to all of the vendors involved for making their day so special.

Monte Cristo Ballroom
1507 Wall Street Everett, WA 98201
[email protected]

Becky Van Dam

Cake Artist
Bite Me Cupcakes
2811 Colby Ave Ste B Everett, WA 98201
(425) 903-4724

Marissa Deku

Gown Boutique
Moments to Treasure Bridal
10137 Main Street Bothell, WA 98011

Makeup Artist
Glynne Davis
[email protected]

Hair Stylist
Glynne Davies

Monte Cristo Ballroom

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Happy Halloween! Ever seen a mummy with pink hair? https://www.hildebrandphoto.com/blog/2014/10/Happy-Halloween-Ever-seen-a-mummy-with-pink-hair I am amazed at how creative all of these costumes are. What a “killer” party! There was dancing, friends & dancing friends ;), food and even TWO Marilyn Monroes! What could be better than that?!